Beck Technology Announces Support Appreciation Week

I think we can safely safe that the Beck Tech Support team has saved all our butts. Can we get an amen? 🙌

When the rest of us get time off, they’re still on call. When the rest of Beck Tech shuts our computers down for the evening, they’re still solving your issues.

As Andrew Holt, customer success specialist says, “we’d be screwed without them.”

This week we are showing our appreciation for all the passion, caring, and innovation our support team shows for our customers and to us.

Here’s to Mo, Mike, Lamont, and Rashaun!

The following thank you letter was written by Kristin Vrana, Customer Content Manager.

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Dallas, Texas, there existed a tech company renowned for its innovative products and cutting-edge services. At the heart of this company was a support team unlike any other, consisting of four exceptional individuals: Mo, Mike, Lamont, and Rashaun.

Mo, with his encyclopedic knowledge of the company's products, could troubleshoot any issue with ease.

Mike was the calm and collected one, always finding solutions even in the most chaotic situations.

Rashaun, with his infectious positivity, could uplift anyone's spirits, no matter how dire the circumstances.

And then there was Lamont, the Master of Diplomacy, who could navigate even the trickiest situations with grace and charm.


Together, they form an unstoppable force, dedicated to making the lives of the services team infinitely easier. They are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, the ones who work tirelessly to ensure that every customer query, no matter how small or obscure, is resolved promptly and efficiently.

Despite facing constant challenges, Mo, Mike, Lamont, and Rashaun never waver in their commitment to excellence. They approach each problem with a smile, their positive attitudes infectious to all who work with them.

One particularly hectic day, when the company's servers crashed unexpectedly, chaos ensued. The services team was overwhelmed, and tensions were running high. But Mo, Mike, Lamont, and Rashaun sprang into action, coordinating efforts, troubleshooting issues, and calming frayed nerves.

As the hours passed and the crisis was averted, the services team marveled at the support team's unwavering dedication and exceptional teamwork. They knew that without Mo, Mike, Lamont, and Rashaun, their jobs would have been impossible.

From that day forward, Mo, Mike, Lamont, and Rashaun are hailed as the true heroes of the company, their names whispered in awe and admiration throughout the halls. And though they never seek recognition or praise, their impact on the company and its customers is immeasurable.

Together, they prove that with a positive attitude, unwavering determination, and a willingness to go above and beyond, anything is possible. And in doing so, they became legends in their own right, forever remembered as the dynamic support team who made the impossible possible.


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