Jaynes Chooses DESTINI Estimator as Preconstruction Solution

Jaynes Corporation has chosen DESTINI Estimator as its new enterprise-wide preconstruction platform.

Jaynes Corporation, headquartered in Albuquerque, was founded in 1946 as a small concrete business and has grown into an award-winning construction company with offices in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas. The company is dedicated to its people, tools, and technology as they strive to build smart for today as well as for the future.

The multi-year enterprise agreement will enable the company to utilize DESTINI Estimator preconstruction estimating software in all of its preconstruction efforts.

“Because of all the moving parts, people involved, and accelerated schedules, pre-construction efforts can tend to be extremely confusing,” said Mike Howell, Chief Estimator at Jaynes Corporation. “At Jaynes, we decided we needed a new platform to help provide clarity to this process and take Jaynes all the way through pre-construction and estimating. DESTINI was the right fit and made our decision an easy one. We are excited to have a new partner who like us, is always striving for improvement.”

“It is always exciting to work with a team like Jaynes Corporation who has a big vision for their company and knows having the right technology at the hands of their team members helps make the vision happen,” stated Justin Richards, Commercial Sales Director at Beck Technology. “I am thrilled they chose an innovative platform like DESTINI Estimator to amplify the preconstruction team’s efforts in exponential ways.”

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