How to Use Beck Technology's Community

The best way to get your DESTINI Estimator issues resolved quickly, collaborate with others, report bugs, and contact support staff directly is by Beck Technology's Community support forum. 

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Access the Community website
  • Create and review tickets
  • Navigate the home page
  • Utilize Promoted Articles

In a perfect world, computers and applications would do exactly what we always want, and everything would be wonderful. Unfortunately, we’re not so lucky, and when things do go awry, Beck Technology provides multiple support channels to help get you back on track. The community website is a valuable resource for quickly getting the answers to your questions, offering guidance on the most common tasks and challenges encountered by DESTINI software users, and a great repository for known errors and their solutions. Here’s a quick guide to using the Beck Tech Community website.

Accessing the Community Website

You can reach the Community website login page here. If you’re new to Beck Tech, click ‘Sign up' and follow the prompts to create your account.

Beck Technology Community Home Page screenshot

If you try to sign up, but it says you are already registered, use the ‘Get a password’ option on the bottom-right side of the page, and enter your company email address. If you need assistance getting access to the Community website, open a ticket with support by sending an email to:

Navigating the Home Page

Okay, so you’re in! This is what the home page looks like. The website is comprised of two main sections: the Knowledge Base (center) and the Community (upper-right).

The Knowledge Base is a collection of helpful articles and instructional videos designed to help resolve the most common questions and issues encountered by members of the Beck Tech Community. The best way to access these articles is to use the search bar.

Beck Technology Community screenshot

The Community section is where Beck Tech staff and clients collaborate to help each other. You can ask questions, share your knowledge with others, and post feature requests or bug reports. This isn’t just a good place to go for answers to common questions, it’s also a great way to let us know how the Destini software suite can improve.

Beck Technology Community website screenshot

Creating and Reviewing Tickets

If you can’t find the information you need on the Community website, you can open a ticket with Beck Tech support using the ‘Create a Ticket’ link on the upper right of the home page. This is the preferred way of submitting a ticket because the website will generate dynamic suggestions automatically, which may give you the answers you need before you even send the ticket through to us.

screenshot of where to open a support ticket in Beck Technology's Community

In addition, if you already have tickets open with support, you can view the status of those tickets by clicking on your name and selecting ‘My Activities’—which is much easier than digging through a busy Outlook inbox. If you serve as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) or main P.O.C. for your organization, and you would like the option to view all tickets for your entire organization, please contact support.

Promoted Articles

Take note of the Promoted Articles on the lower left of the home page. It’s worthwhile reviewing this list every now and then since this is where you will find some of the most relevant information on the latest version of DESTINI software.

Screenshot of Beck Technology's Community Promoted Articles section

Articles such as ‘How to setup DESTINI Estimator in the Hosted Environment’ or ‘How to Log into the Web License Platform’ serve as important references for new employees that may be signing into Estimator for the first time. Additionally, this ‘DESTINI Applications Architectural Overview’ provides information that will be useful to both DESTINI users and IT staff, as well as containing links to other important resources. (*Note: You must be logged into Community to access these articles.)

The Beck Tech Community website is constantly growing, with new articles published regularly, and community posts continuing to bolster the wealth of information contained within. Getting familiar with this site can save you time and help make your experience with DESITINI software the best it can be.


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