Celebrating Wins

Company culture shows in everything you do. This includes how your team celebrates success. It can be internal wins such as being recognized by your peers, accomplishing quarterly goals, or winning that new client or project. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate success. We tend to hit all avenues and want to look into how we’ve celebrated wins in our 25-year history as a company.


women celebrating victory (photo courtesy of Clay Banks)


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Up until about a decade ago, Beck Technology used to be a 10-person company. (We are six times that now.) When everyone fit into one corner of the office, email wasn't necessary to announce a new client. However, as we grew, it became difficult to announce in person our wins, so our sales team coined the phrase, “Win Announcement.” Each time they closed a deal and added a new customer to the Beck Tech family, they sent an email to let the team know and share why the customer joined and switched to DESTINI Estimator.

Sales would acknowledge Services, Marketing, other sales members, Research & Development, our company president, really anyone who took the time to help put together material or give their time to making our new client feel sure of their decision. The email win announcement still lives on but sales have added other ways of celebrating like literally hitting a gong when adding a new customer. We still have the gong to this day and it’s not going anywhere. Despite us being a remote team, it’s a staple to our culture and reminds us of our first customers of DESTINI Estimator. For the enterprise deals that were a long time coming, a happy hour was added in addition to all of this. The Account Executive worked their tail off and wanted to celebrate with whoever was around.

Fast forward to the hybrid work structure where not everyone is in the office. How do we keep the culture of giving the successes the credit they deserve? The Win Announcement is alive and well and helps the company stay on the same page. The more our sales team has grown, the more often those win announcements flood our inbox. The entire company sends back their congratulations to everyone involved in the deal. Our company standings are held virtually every Wednesday giving our Account Executives a chance to share more about the deal and our newest Beck Technology client. An internal newsletter also provides a venue to share successes.

The sales team understands what goes into closing a deal whereas someone in marketing might have a different experience of what it takes. The sales team is each other’s cheerleaders. Our internal CRM populates a chat to the sales team when a deal is closed. This kicks off the celebration and not only congratulates hard work but encourages those that haven’t closed yet to not give up!

When you win a bid, we REALLY recommend you celebrate! Be it happy hour, a text message to your family, or a simple email win announcement. It is important to show appreciation for a job well done.

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