Balfour Beatty Construction Selects DESTINI Estimator for Enterprise-wide Intelligent Estimating

Balfour Beatty Construction US has selected DESTINI Estimator software to provide intelligent estimating technology via an enterprise licensing deal. The three-year software agreement includes implementation services to ensure a seamless rollout and quickly optimize use of the software’s extensive capabilities.

“DESTINI Estimator will provide Balfour Beatty with a best-of-class estimating platform as well as provide us with other key capabilities, such as 2D quantity take-off, model-based estimating, historical cost tracking, and conceptual estimating. Having all of these capabilities rolled into one solution will improve our operational efficiencies and reduce cost by eliminating other technology investments,” noted Kasey Bevans, chief information officer for Balfour Beatty.

To introduce the software across the Balfour Beatty enterprise, Beck Technology will conduct a phased approach with the initial focus on a core group of estimators, followed by a regional deployment strategy. This best-practice approach will engage key leaders to support companywide rollout of DESTINI Estimator.

“Our phased implementation will allow Balfour Beatty to create ‘super users’ inside their organization who will have both the technical and estimating expertise to rapidly spread the adoption of intelligent estimating in all locations,” said Stewart Carroll, Beck Technology’s COO. “With Balfour Beatty’s U.S. operations based right here in Dallas, we’re looking forward to a longstanding partnership with one of the most well-regarded building contractors worldwide.”

An industry leader for more than 80 years, Balfour Beatty Construction US provides general contracting, at-risk construction management, and design-build services for a wide variety of markets, serving clients in both the public and private sectors. The company is the U.S. subsidiary of London-based Balfour Beatty plc (LSE: BBY), a leading international infrastructure group that finances, develops, builds, and maintains complex building programs focused on social and commercial buildings, power and utility systems, and transportation. Consistently ranked among the nation’s largest building contractors, Balfour Beatty Construction US has been cited as a Top 10 Domestic Building Contractor and Top 10 Green Builder by Engineering News-Record.

Question of the Week – DESTINI Profiler: How can I apply line items of cost to multiple model components at one time?

Questions of the Week are asked and answered in the Beck Technology Community. Anyone is encouraged to join the community to discover additional tips and tricks.

How can I apply line items of cost to multiple model components at one time?

Casey Wilt, Implementation Specialist, answers this question on our Community.

Your best practice for this approach is to utilize the Match Properties approach. Casey has written a few posts on this topic, but he makes a more generic example for those users who are looking for this kind of functionality.

Question of the Week – DESTINI Profiler: How do I import drawings so they attach to the correct spatial plane?

Questions of the Week are asked and answered in the Beck Technology Community. Anyone is encouraged to join the community to discover additional tips and tricks.

How do I import drawings so they attach to the correct spatial plane?

Doug Maiden, Manager of Professional Services, answers this question on our Community.

You need to remain at the same elevation as the Reference Plane is when you import the image/underlay.  It is likely the Reference Plane is not large enough compared to the image being imported. Doug explains in detail how to do this import and provides a screenshot to help.

Question of the Week – DESTINI Profiler: How do I install the Revit 2014 Plugin?

Questions of the Week are asked and answered in the Beck Technology Community. Anyone is encouraged to join the community to discover additional tips and tricks.

How do I install the Revit 2014 Plugin?

Mario Rosales, Software Engineer, answers this question on our Community.

A link to the Revit Plugin is included in the answer as well as screenshots to walk users through the install process.  DESTINI Profiler 2014 and current versions of the software are compatible with the plugin.

Newsletter Q3

Welcome to Fall 2016 and the push toward year-end! Here’s a quick update on efforts to support your estimating collaboration, speed, and accuracy.

One special update for those of you in the midst of budget planning for 2017: We’re debuting a robust workshop in conjunction with the Estimation Technology for Construction Conference, set for May 2017 in Washington, DC.

Filled with client speakers, technology insights, and panel discussions, we’ll walk through ways to enhance your estimation process with technology. This workshop format will replace our typical spring Beck Technology Roundtable program, allowing you to learn from and network with more peers as well as streamline your schedule. More details to come as dates and venues are locked down.




Coming Up

Are you planning on attending either the BIMForum from October 17-19 in Atlanta or Autodesk University
from November 15-17 in Las Vegas?  If so, it would be great to visit face-to-face and discuss your preconstruction challenges.

To schedule an in-person or virtual meeting please click the button below.




DESTINI in Action


DESTINI Estimator 2017 1.0 to be Released in Q4 2016

In April 2016, we released
DESTINI Estimator 2016 2.0, which served as the industry’s first, fully-integrated preconstruction solution. Through our partnership with Autodesk, the release featured 2D and 3D takeoff tools utilizing Navisworks®.

Over the past six months we have entered into formal explorations with more than 20 of the largest construction firms in the country. From these engagements, we’ve captured various enhancement requests directly from industry feedback and some will be added to the product this fall when we release DESTINI Estimator 2017 1.0.

To gain a firsthand view of the new features, please
contact us to schedule a demo or register for our debut webinar on Wednesday, October 26th.




Client Announcements – Welcome Aboard

You may have noticed several new client announcements of late.

  • In August,
    The Howard Hughes Corporation, a DESTINI Profiler client, signed a five-year enterprise licensing agreement for DESTINI Estimator as well as custom consulting. 
  • PARIC Corporation
    just signed a three-year enterprise licensing agreement for DESTINI Estimator & Profiler.
  • Most recently, Snyder Langston executed a three-year enterprise licensing agreement for DESTINI Estimator & Profiler.

Looking ahead, we’re set to welcome several more notable firms this fall.



Case Study – How Two Firms Are Embracing Target Value Design

Innovative construction companies are flipping the traditional design process upside down, reducing the need for “value engineering” later in the process by using target value design to make informed choices early in the concept development phase.

We asked Yates Construction
Estimator Stanley Wielgosz and The Beck Group’s Director of Preconstruction Jeff Ratcliff to share how their teams win clients over by using DESTINI Profiler as part of a target value design approach.

Read the case study.

Super User Q&A – Walbridge’s Taimoor Khan Test-Drives DESTINI Estimator

In a $1.5 billion, nationwide construction company, change doesn’t happen overnight. Before standardizing its 60 estimators to a single software platform, Walbridge wants to be sure it selects the most user-friendly, powerful product available. Test-driving our estimating software became Senior Estimator Taimoor Khan’s job.

Read his Q&A Profile
to find out why DESTINI Estimator is his preferred choice.


Client Video – Two Minutes with Cunningham-Limp

Matt Vetter, Director of Preconstruction Services with Cunningham-Limp joined us for a quick video Q&A about DESTINI Profiler and Beck Technology. The firm uses DESTINI software to help quickly conceptualize, collaborate, and bid for contracts.

Watch the video.

In the News

Choose the Right Technology and Software Platform in Four Easy Steps

By Stewart Carroll, COO, Beck Technology
Design Cost Data (DCD) Magazine – July/August 2016

This recently published an article goes into depth about picking the best technology for your company by focusing on four main steps. Stewart eases the overwhelming process by encouraging firms to determine the questions and goals to consider to make the most ideal and profitable investment for the future. The quick read includes 20+ questions to ask of yourself or the vendor you are evaluating.

Read the article here.

What Motivates your Team?

By Michael Boren, CTO, Beck Technology
LinkedIn Pulse Posts

Did you know our CTO is a people person as well as a technology guru? Michael has taken to LinkedIn to share insights on motivation, happiness, collaboration, and the like. We invite you to read his periodic posts about his recent interactions and observations.

Read Michael’s posts here.


Test-Driving DESTINI Estimator on Actual Projects

When Senior Estimator Taimoor Khan came to work at the $1.5 billion construction company Walbridge, he brought a passion for technology and a visionary spirit. So when the company began evaluating the DESTINI Estimator software as a replacement for traditional, spreadsheet-based estimating methods, Khan was a natural choice to lead the charge. He became a “super user,” exploring the software’s capabilities through real-life project application.

He shared his journey with us during the evaluation period, discussing his favorite product features, relationship with the Beck Technology team, and ultimate rollout plans.

Read More

Question of the Week – DESTINI Profiler: How do I account for podium slab costs in a project with multiple stacked massings?

Questions of the Week are asked and answered in the Beck Technology Community. Anyone is encouraged to join the community to discover additional tips and tricks.

I split the podium levels and the tower into two separate massings for costing purposes. How do I make sure that I don’t miss out on OR double up on slab costs?

Casey Wilt, Implementation Specialist, answers this question on our Community.

Some important reminders, to make sure we are all on the same page:
1) A massing does NOT have any slabs until one has been added via the Grid Line system.
2) When stacking two massings, we move one massing down to create an overlap where the Top of the Lower Massing is at the same elevation as the Top of the Upper Massing’s floor slab.
3) Parapet height: don’t worry about being exact until the massing moves are complete. Once you have overlapped the stacked massings and addressed the slab concerns, you can come back and modify the podium roof to account for the full parapet height.

Casey explains two possible strategies for handling this event in the Community. Read them both, and then choose which makes the most sense in your situation.

Snyder Langston to Implement DESTINI Estimator & Profiler

Snyder Langston has signed a three-year enterprise licensing agreement to implement and use DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Profiler.

“We’ve used DESTINI Profiler with great success for several years. Due to this experience, we believe in the Beck Technology team and their ability to deliver the best next-generation estimating platform,” said Andy Gerlach, Technical Services Manager for Snyder Langston. “DESTINI Estimator complements DESTINI Profiler perfectly to provide a consistent progression from conceptual design to construction. From start to finish, the DESTINI suite will allow our team to communicate more clearly, accurately, and efficiently—allowing Snyder Langston to continue offering the best service and experience to our clients.”

Established in 1959 in Irvine, California, Snyder Langston is a trusted real estate and construction adviser to Fortune 500, mid-size, and start-up companies. One of Southern California’s largest and most respected builders, the firm has developed millions of square feet of space across virtually every real estate sector. Snyder Langston jumped into the ENR Top 400 General Contractors list in 2015.

“We consider it a privilege to help Snyder Langston implement our DESTINI product suite and support the firm’s ongoing commitment to technology and innovation in the construction industry,” said Stewart Carroll, Beck Technology’s COO.


The Howard Hughes Corporation Selects DESTINI Estimator to Increase Speed and Collaboration for Estimates

Beck Technology, leading software and service firm for the commercial construction industry, announced The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) has selected DESTINI Estimator software to provide intelligent estimating technology through an enterprise licensing deal. The five-year software agreement includes custom development to add functionality within DESTINI Estimator to enhance specific HHC historic cost workflow.

The developer and operator conducted a thorough evaluation of estimating solutions prior to selecting Beck Technology’s product. The analytics in DESTINI Estimator’s comparison functionality provided HHC with a level of insight into projects previously not available and that HHC felt no other software provided.

HHC already relies on the DESTINI Profiler software to quickly conceptualize and manipulate concepts internally in the early stages of projects, even before an architect is on board. Katie Willis, director of preconstruction and estimating for The Howard Hughes Corporation, noted recently that “DESTINI Profiler is a game changer for us to communicate and speed up the design process. Additionally, the Beck Technology team has been great to work with and helpful in allowing us to gain access and knowledge of the software.”

HHC owns, manages, and develops commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate throughout the U.S. The company is comprised of master planned communities, operating properties, development opportunities, and other assets spanning 16 states and with more than 1,100 employees.

“We are thrilled and honored that The Howard Hughes Corporation has chosen to implement DESTINI Estimator and extend its relationship with Beck Technology,” said Stewart Carroll, Beck Technology’s COO. “HHC’s core values of collaboration, speed, excellence, and innovation perfectly complement our values and mandate for our software.”