In today's information age, people expect information in real time and guesswork is no longer accepted. The need to integrate information into early design decision making is higher than ever and those who have it are more valuable and influential.


Beck Technology empowers the industry to make smarter choices and demonstrate the science behind project design.


DProfiler Macro BIM Solution

3D model to better understand and communicate cost, scope, schedule or virtually any data in real time.


Integrated Viability & Planning Services

Discover how Beck Technology's planning services save time and delivers more value through integration.


Specialized and Customized Training

Beck Technology's support team offers various training classes for DProfiler as well as creates courses for special projects and customized software settings.


DProfiler Overview in Portuguese

O DProfiler é uma solução Macro BIM (Building Information Modeling) utilizada no planejamento e na fase conceitual de um projeto para produzir uma estimativa de custo precisa para seu empreendimento.

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Beck Technology Roundtable

April 8, 2015

Chandler, Arizona

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'Quick Building Enclosures Stem from Customized Implementation' webinar

March 2015

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'DESTINI Estimator Makes Project Funding Possible' webinar

February 2015

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