What drives us?

Passion is one of the key ingredients to our success on and off the clock. We strive to be passionate about everything we do, no matter how big or small. Whether it's coding software or calling to check in on a customer, we want to make sure that passion for our purpose and product shines through in every interaction.

Innovation is at the heart of anything we create. We host an annual Innovation Week in which everyone on the team comes up with an idea that benefits the company in some way. Sometimes it's as complicated as a new feature in our flagship product, DESTINI Estimator. Other times it's as simple as finding an easier way to complete a task. Whatever it is, we reward creative thinking.

Caring cements who we are as a company. We take steps to care not only for our customers, but our employees and community as well. Caring takes many different forms - it could be as simple as sharing an extra bag of chips at lunch. Other times, it's a group effort, like cleaning up a local river as part of a team bonding exercise, or working after hours to help a customer with a difficult problem.

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