Software Training Pays Off—Sordoni Construction Services Case Study

Billions of dollars of software are going to waste. Less than half of employees use their company’s software.

There are a few reasons why people aren’t leveraging the tech available to them, and proper training is one of them.

When your company implemented new estimating software, it was to make the precon process better and more efficient. If you aren’t using it, not only are you not helping the team make better project decisions and win more work, but you’re actually wasting money. And that’s not good.

The Challenge

Bringing on new software has its challenges. It typically involves data conversion, new workflows, and lots of learning. It is understandable that sometimes training on new software goes on the back burner. Especially when you are dealing with such huge backlogs. However, when you learn to use a system specially designed to save estimators a ton of time, you’ll see a significant payoff.

Beck Technology wants you to be successful in DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software and DESTINI Bid Day bid leveling software. You are, after all, a huge part of us working toward revolutionizing the industry and creating the future. We have multiple teams working on doing everything they can to help you get the most out of your investment. This includes developing customized implementation plans, different training platforms, and continued check-ins with our customer success department.


The Solution

Completing online training is part of onboarding DESTINI software. Beck Technology’s online training platform, Lessonly, includes the required Basic courses, but our catalog is ever expanding. There are new revisions made to the Basics that coincide with our ever-developing products as well as brand new lessons to teach in-depth uses of our products. All our lessons are on-demand through Lessonly and are tailored for our customers’ contract. You can even receive certifications by completing our online lessons, which will be one more way to reinforce and show off your skill and expertise.

The Results

We recently recognized Sordoni Construction Services with a customer appreciation award for the Most Completed Online Training from January to June 2023.

Celebrating its 112th year in 2023, Sordoni is Northeast Pennsylvania’s largest construction manager and general contractor.

Allison Lewis, Beck Technology Learning and Development Lead, says, “Sordoni Construction Services took this challenge head-on. The Sordoni team not only completed the required training, but also jumped into other optional modules to ensure they understood how to use the DESTINI tools. This is why they were awarded the Most Completed Online Training award recently. They did the basics, but also went over and above!”

Dave Samulevich, an estimator at Sordoni says that Beck Technology’s training platform is “really nice” because you can go at your own pace and click back and forth to revisit certain learning modules. He cites one of the biggest challenges was to devote the time to training; however, with Sordoni, it helped to get their “leadership to recognize that there is a significant learning curve and time investment there,” so communication and collaboration were pivotal in getting the team coordinated to balance training on DESTINI Estimator and meet their work deadlines.

Implementing new software doesn’t have to be painful. Choosing the right partner with the right process and the right resources can smooth the transition considerably. That is the aim at Beck Technology. We want our customers to be successful in implementation and beyond. We strive to provide top-notch service and top-notch resources to help along to help with the full immersion of the DESTINI platform.

Ted Solomon, Beck Technology Implementation Specialist says about Sordoni, “They were a great group, I really enjoyed working with all of them. Dave did most of the heavy lifting through implementation, and he really got it. Having a true champion (Dave), someone who can train up and laterally was crucial to their success. All in all, a great group to work with. I looked forward to our coaching sessions each week. “

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