DESTINI Estimator is an integrated estimating platform giving the preconstruction team greater customization and detail based on project and/or client.

Notable benefits to the project team include:

Eliminates Maintenance of Multiple Databases
Project Information Manages Design
Estimate Based on Design Team
Consistent Brand and Deliverables
Seamless Integration
Basis of Integrated Project Delivery
Unlimited Amount of WBS Properties

Estimator, part of the DESTINI suite of products, was developed to help solve complex issues within construction estimating. It minimizes the number of steps in the estimating process and creates better project outcomes. This next generation estimating solution allows users to have one cost estimate database from planning through buyout so the information is consistent and knowledge transfer is seamless. DESTINI Estimator allows the estimate’s line items to have embedded intelligence directly from the building model they were born from.

A simple, powerful user interface allows estimators to rapidly assemble an estimate from line items and/or assemblies in their cost database or estimate specific line items.  Tools to rapidly organize, sort, and filter the estimate allow unlimited ways of viewing both direct and indirect costs. Configurable out-of-the-box reports along with a real-time integration with Excel that ties quantities in the estimate to the estimators Excel workbook in real-time allows the estimator to create standard or custom reports.

As the project develops and more detailed estimates are developed DESTINI Estimator provides tools to compare an unlimited number of estimates to understand what changed and what the impact on the estimate and project was.  These intuitive graphical tools make communicating the impact of change with the architect and owner much more engaging than a traditional variance report.   


With DESTINI Estimator’s straight forward interface, robust reporting and live data analysis, there are fewer touch points between systems.  Users can create, maintain and provide deliverables all from within DESTINI Estimator without the need of migrating estimate data between different systems for different purposes.


DESTINI Estimator utilizes the same cost database developed for use in DESTINI Profiler. Users do not have to maintain multiple cost sources for use with their different estimating tools.


DESTINI Estimator provides numerous ways to viewing and isolating cost data inside the estimate. This allows users to setup their estimates to be viewed differently depending on specific needs - from a high-level overview to a detailed walk through.


DESTINI Estimator can pick up where a DESTINI Profiler model left off and move the conceptual estimate forward in the process through SD, DD, and beyond all while carrying the assumptions that were made in the conceptual DESTINI Profiler model.

Simple and Easy to Use
DESTINI Estimator was built with a “less is more” mentality. Most users experience a very short learning curve and DESTINI Estimator’s layout mimics the look and feel of software most users are already accustomed to using.
Unlimited Sort Capabilities
There is no limit to the number of sort fields the user can create. This affords users the ability to sort their estimates in an unlimited number of ways.
Full Configurable Filtering
It’s easy to group and isolate costs inside of DESTINI Estimator using a fully customizable filter. These filters can be tailored around the data in the estimate allowing users to view specific costs in the estimate. This lets users look at costs around a specific breakdown structure or isolate costs that are associated with specific alternatives or add-ons.
Live Data Shaping and Analysis
Unique to DESTINI Estimator is the ability to shape and analyze the data in the estimate in real time. With a dashboard that looks and feels like a spreadsheet, users can create living, breathing reports, dashboards, and analytical views that update in real time as changes are made to the estimate.
Customizable Reporting
Users can create a report to match what they produced prior to deploying DESTINI Estimator, add a customer logo, or even create reports to gather special data on the project. Users that have devoted resources to creating reports for use in DESTINI Profiler can leverage those same reports inside of DESTINI Estimator.

All Access Dashboard

A spreadsheet like dashboard allows users to access all of their data inside this environment. Users can create reports from within the dashboard instead of utilizing Excel and compare historic costs directly from the estimate.

Custom Reporting

Full-fledged reporting engine allowing users to create content rich reports capable of pulling and formatting any data from the estimate.

Filter Flexibility

Filters allow users to quickly find line items as well as develop customized views based on specific users, projects and/or clients.
DESTINI Estimator is the next generation estimating solution