The creation and innovation behind Beck Technology stems from DESTINI: design estimation integration initiative.  Each of our software programs, Profiler and Estimator, as well as our service of Optioneer and Data Manager application come from DESTINI.  Beck Technology creates truly integrated platforms to provide the design and construction industry with smart technology.

From macro Building Information Modeling (BIM) to next generation estimating to design exploration, Beck Technology is focused on making the built environment innovative in all dimensions.  Through DESTINI software offerings project teams are more efficient, projects are better thought out, and the industry is being revolutionized.

DESTINI Estimator is built on the latest Microsoft technologies, with a modern user interface. Both DESTINI Profiler and DESTINI Estimator share a common cost database schema, allowing companies to manage a single database platform for both conceptual and detailed estimating. DESTINI Profiler outputs can be opened directly in DESTINI Estimator and can form the basis of the downstream estimating process. Alternatively, DESTINI Estimator can be used from the very beginning of the project through project completion.

Beck Technology does industry problem solving.

DESTINI Estimator

Next Generation Estimating Platform

DESTINI Estimator is a stand alone estimating platform giving the estimating team greater customization and detail based on project and/or client.

DESTINI Profiler

Macro BIM Revolutionizing the Industry

DESTINI Profiler is an industry acclaimed technology that helps facilitate more informed decision making, target value design, integrated project delivery, and lean methodology.

DESTINI Data Manager

Data and Content Management in One Spot

DESTINI Data Manager is an application running behind the scenes of DESTINI Estimator and/or DESTINI Profiler to help keep costs and estimates organized. It reduces manual entries and keeps the best possible information readily available.

DESTINI Optioneer

Informed Decision Making

DESTINI Optioneer Identifies design trends, highlights multiple positive and negative trade-offs of project objectives, replaces “rule-of-thumb” decisions with more accurate and intelligent information, and finds key non-intuitive combinations of variables.

Beck Technology is an Autodesk Solution Associate.

DESTINI Estimator integrates with Naviswork for 2D or 3D takeoff.

Industry Advisory Group

At Beck Technology we work hand in hand with many of our customers.  Become one of our Industry Advisors:

  • Have insight into what we are developing.
  • Have your voice heard on how upcoming functionality should work.
  • Have direct access to our Research & Development leaders.
  • Get your hands on pre-release versions of our software.

All of our major features in the DESTINI suite are based on customer feedback and guidance. If you want to join our Industry Advisory Group let us know by filling out the form below.

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