Question of the Week – DESTINI Profiler: How do I account for podium slab costs in a project with multiple stacked massings?

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I split the podium levels and the tower into two separate massings for costing purposes. How do I make sure that I don’t miss out on OR double up on slab costs?

Casey Wilt, Implementation Specialist, answers this question on our Community.

Some important reminders, to make sure we are all on the same page:
1) A massing does NOT have any slabs until one has been added via the Grid Line system.
2) When stacking two massings, we move one massing down to create an overlap where the Top of the Lower Massing is at the same elevation as the Top of the Upper Massing’s floor slab.
3) Parapet height: don’t worry about being exact until the massing moves are complete. Once you have overlapped the stacked massings and addressed the slab concerns, you can come back and modify the podium roof to account for the full parapet height.

Casey explains two possible strategies for handling this event in the Community. Read them both, and then choose which makes the most sense in your situation.