Question of the Week – DESTINI Estimator: How do I set up a default whitelist and share it with other users in my firm?

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The basic idea is that each model will have a specific set of data based on its source (i.e. Navis, Revit, IFC, etc…).

My method is to create a whitelist for each source that I think I may deal with.  I do this by opening the model in BIM 360 proper and opening the properties of the objects in the model.  I make sure I look at a couple different objects (specifically the ones that I plan to use in my QTO) and I see what properties / categories have the information I am interested in and I add them to the whitelist.  It usually takes me about 5 or 10 minutes to create a good whitelist.”

The whitelists are all saved in one single “bulk file” now, a JSON file type, the %appdata% file path.

You can edit any whitelist in Estimator and the changes will be pushed to this file – or you can open this file and work in a notepad environment to accomplish the same. This makes it easy for you, as a super user, to build out the whitelist(s) that work for your people, based on source data type, and push it to their appdata folder.

Sharing this JSON file is as easy as copy/pasting it into their machine. Whether that is manual or via scripting is up to you.