Question of the Week – DESTINI Estimator: How do I import estimate information from a Microsoft Excel file?

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How do I import estimate information from a Microsoft Excel file?

This answer is provided by Casey Wilt, implementation specialist, and posted on our community as well as below.

On the Home tab in the ribbon, there are both Import and Export commands.

We will be importing an Excel spreadsheet, so choose Import, then Spreadsheet. When the Import Wizard appears, Click Next, then check the box for “Treat First Row as Header” and navigate to your source file using the ellipsis in the Spreadsheet cell.

Once you choose your estimate, click next. Then, tell the wizard which tab contains the line item data.

The last step is to map the columns in the spreadsheet to their associated system value. It is important to make sure that your destination estimate file knows all the WBS columns you’re trying to bring in.

When you click Next and Finish, the information that you mapped from your Excel file has been transformed into DESTINI Estimator line item data!

A couple things to keep in mind – the line items only know the cost/WBS data that you mapped in the Excel file import process. These line items have no knowledge of your cost database, and they do not attempt to pull any cost or WBS data from the DB.