Question of the Week – DESTINI Estimator: How can I change my WBS Cost Report to print a different color for odd or even lines?

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How can I change my WBS Cost Report to print a different color for odd or even lines?

This answer is provided by Mourace Black, Technical Solutions Analyst, posted on our Community as well as below.

The WBS Cost report can be modified to print different colors for odd or even lines for an entire row or for just selected cells. This can be done by using the Style field in the Property grid of the individual field or that entire row.

1. In Estimator, open the Report Wizard then click Next > Modify an existing custom report > Next > click the ellipsis and select the Cost report from the specified folder > Open > Next >Finish. If the report didn’t open in the Designer then select the Open folder tab from the Report Designer and navigate to the report folder location (C:\ProgramData\DEstimator\CustomReports) and select the report to be modified.

2. Select the cell or row that you want to change,then select Style field from the Property Grid on the bottom right of the Designer.


3In the Style field, use the ellipsis to open the Styles Editor; use the green plus sign to add the name of the Style you want; In the Background Color field use the drop down box to open the Colors palette choose the color you want. In the Name filed you can change the name of the color or leave it to the default color.


4. Next use the drop down arrow to open the Styles window and hook up the names with the respective styles. (If you only want one color for just the odd or even, that can be done as well).


5. Next select the Style Priority field and change the Use Background Color to Yes.


6.   Save the changes, go back to Estimator and re-run your report. You should get the expected results below.WBS8