Question of the Week – DESTINI Estimator: Why are my costs showing up in both the Mapped and Unmapped node of the filter tree when I am comparing cost in my BIM360 models?

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When models are created with assemblies, it can be tricky when you are trying to tie cost to that assembly. We have found one of those situations in our BIM360 Comparison Window that our users should be aware of. When you have components (children) making up an assembly (parent), you may see cost showing both the Mapped and Unmapped filter tree of an estimate in the BIM360 comparison window.

This happens because the compare actually works at the assembly level (parent) while the component you selected works at the geometry level (children) in that window. Therefore, if you are associating cost to only one part of the assembly, you might be confused seeing the cost also associated with the other component associated with that assembly when you look at the filter tree.

However, in the estimate window you will only see the line item/s that cost were added to.

Here is a video showing that comparison: BIM360 comparison window cost issue