Cunningham-Limp, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, began in the construction industry in 1984. The company’s “Concept to Completion” philosophy encompassed effective project pre-planning, identifying project needs and coordinating all aspects of construction activities. Establishing trust with the industries being served is a core value at Cunningham-Limp.

The company had utilized Excel as their estimating database. Cunningham-Limp hired Dave Hardin as an Estimator and he wanted to incorporate his architectural experience with his estimating skills. Dave was familiar with DESTINI Profiler and brought the software platform to Cunningham-Limp.

To get the company on board with implementing DESTINI Profiler, Cunningham-Limp went through a 2-day training class at their company as well as a pilot project to prove that DESTINI Profiler was a viable preconstruction solution. During the training and pilot project, the Cunningham-Limp team was able to utilize their database built into Excel with DESTINI Profiler’s modeling capabilities. The pilot project consisted of four major points:

  • Initial focus on earthwork and underground utilities estimation
  • Analysis of past projects
  • Checking assumptions against “actuals” on past projects
  • Fine tuning with every new project

The initial pilot project was a church building. “The most successful part of this was after we had used this on the pilot project we went back with DESTINI Profiler to see the difference on other past projects and current projects,” said Hardin. “We have been tweaking our information each time to make it better.”

The internal focus was to identify most unknowns such as earth work and underground utilities current and past projects to look at the utility take-offs. Breaking down details of pipe sizes and footages, allowed the establishment of formulas to base the logic for site work utilities in DESTINI Profiler.

Cunningham-Limp has utilized DESTINI Profiler on a number of projects including office buildings, schools, and even their own headquarter building. Firm leadership especially loved being able to see the go/no go preconstruction process for their own building. As the firm continues to utilize DESTINI Profiler they are quickly able to update project information to be as accurate as possible.