Top Preconstruction News 2021

Wow. What a year, right? 2021 didn’t mess around. Our industry saw historic supply chain challenges, fluctuating material costs, and labor shortages. Compound that with ever-increasing owner demands and expectations, low profitability across the board, the growth of sustainable construction, digitization and cloud-hosted precon tools, and the rise of incorporating innovative technologies like prefab, drones, and AI/VR in the process…we’d say that the biggest construction news of 2021 is that the industry is changing.


The return of in-person events was a highlight of 2021!
Beck Technology also had a historic year. We hit a record in sales in November, began the year with 53 employees and ended the year with 72 (and we’re still growing, see our open positions here), released DESTINI Estimator Automatic Pricing, and announced our new bid leveling software, DESTINI Bid Day at the Advancing Preconstruction conference—which was our return to in-person events. Whew!
With our growth, we were able to reach out and spend more time capturing the stories of our DESTINI Estimator clients and discussing the preconstruction problems and solutions that matter most. Throughout the year, we shared those stories through webinars, blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts. We tackled how best to use technology in preconstruction, the labor shortage, fluctuating material costs, along with all the other uncertainties and questions estimators have. The following is our top 10 preconstruction news of 2021.
“The Beck Group sees the importance in understanding the relationship of cost and schedule with every design decision, and ultimately, we know that our project owners benefit from keeping cost, schedule, and design closely aligned,” adds Chad Prochaska, Director of Preconstruction at The Beck Group.
“As a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the preconstruction industry, we are beyond excited to provide the ability for a much-needed bid leveling solution that actually works!  Through our close client partnerships and feedback, we will provide a next-generation, integrated bid leveling platform that will change the game for preconstruction teams moving forward.  This is yet another big step in our ability to support the preconstruction data lifecycle,” says Beck Technology Chief Technology Officer Michael Boren.
We announced our newest product—DESTINI Bid Day bid leveling software. Coming soon!
There are three major reasons why it’s important to evaluate software:
  • Your tools aren’t supported anymore
  • Your tools can’t keep up with your team
  • You need a competitive advantage
Along with integrated detailed estimating, DESTINI Estimator’s conceptual estimating capabilities are built into the platform and this innovative approach makes conceptual estimating simple and intuitive. By combining powerful parametric estimating with cost history, users can select from user-defined templates that enable quick, accurate, and transparent estimating that instills confidence in your team and your customers.
Why should you look at preconstruction as a profession? The need for estimators is growing and is one of the highest-paid positions in the construction field. Specialist staffing company Niche partner and host of the Preconstruction Podcast, Gareth McGlynn, says, “Preconstruction is where the single biggest decisions are made to the success of a project.”
How do you convince your stakeholders to invest in new software that will help your team finish work faster, win more projects, and create standardized estimating processes, especially if they are reluctant to change? The first step is recognizing the need for change or otherwise getting left in the dust.
Today, with competition fiercer than ever, you just can’t afford to lose a project. So how can you avoid the scourge of inaccurate data? We’ve compiled three simple tips.
  • Use a centralized platform
  • Utilize cost history to make better predictions for future projects
  • Create company-wide preconstruction standards to better streamline workflow and share resources across offices
Mike Howell, Chief Estimator at Jaynes Corporation, says, “At Jaynes, we decided we needed a new platform to help provide clarity to this process and take Jaynes all the way through pre-construction and estimating. DESTINI Estimator was the right fit and made our decision an easy one. We are excited to have a new partner who like us, is always striving for improvement.”
Not only is the construction industry disproportionate in the number of worker deaths in relation to how many construction employees make up the entire workforce, with the fourth-highest death rate of any industry, but the construction industry is also the second-highest industry in suicide rates. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) In this article, you will find seven ways to help manage stress.
Taimoor Khan, preconstruction estimator extraordinaire, explains how embracing change and innovation like DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software has cut his team’s time in half when creating estimates.

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