Customization, Enhancements, and the Wizard in DESTINI Profiler

Messer Construction’s Matt Buddenberg and Tony McDaniel reviewed how their organization utilizes DESTINI Profiler and the Wizard that is available in the software, as well as how they’ve customized it for their specific needs.

Initially becoming Profiler users in 2013, Messer chose to partner with Beck Technology because of a similar mindset: construction-focused and innovative technology that keeps up with the current needs of the industry.  This forged a relationship between Beck Technology and Messer in which collaboration is key.

Messer Construction continues to utilize Profiler because it truly allows for real-time estimating in the preconstruction phase, with on-the-fly changes in front of owners who can see the impact in dollars then and there.  Watch Matt’s demonstration of the Wizard that was developed with Beck Technology for Messer’s healthcare projects – giving them the ability to change systems by answering just a few questions, and have an estimate to present immediately.

When time is money for both the owner and contractor, Messer Construction agrees that it is great to have a tool that enables quicker, more informed decisions – and one that enhances the collaboration amongst the design team and owners.

Watch the full webinar HERE for more on Messer Construction’s utilization of the custom wizard in Profiler.

Michigan’s Clark Construction Company Moves to DESTINI Estimator Preconstruction Solution

Clark Construction Company has selected DESTINI® Estimator as its new enterprise-wide preconstruction platform.

Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, Clark Construction Company is a 70+ year old contractor firm recognized as one of Michigan’s leading construction companies and ranked No. 333 among the 2017 ENR Top 400 Contractors. The company was first introduced to Beck Technology in 2006 and has been a user of Beck Technology’s DESTINI Profiler solution since then.

Clark Construction Company made the switch to DESTINI Estimator, from its legacy estimating solution which they had in place for more than two decades, to further enhance their preconstruction capabilities.

The multi-year enterprise agreement will enable the company to utilize the DESTINI suite of products in all of its preconstruction efforts.

“Over the years we have developed a great friendship and working relationship with the team at Beck Technology,” said Garry Myers, Director of Preconstruction for Clark Construction Company. “I am very excited to enhance our preconstruction offerings with the integrated solution provided by DESTINI Estimator. We have been keeping our eyes on this software for some time and felt that it adds a ton of value to our preconstruction process. As our business continues to grow, Estimator will enable us to do takeoffs and estimates more efficiently, communicate our analysis to our owners in a more visual way, and be able to easily use our cost history to enhance our customers’ decision making processes.”

“Beck Technology has worked with Garry and the Clark Construction Company team for many years and I am thrilled to continue our efforts as they are added to our growing Estimator customer base,” said Stewart Carroll, President at Beck Technology. “Garry has been instrumental in providing feedback and enhancement suggestions on DESTINI Profiler for many years. We know it’s a significant decision to change preconstruction solutions and we are honored that Clark Construction Company made the decision to switch from their legacy platform to Estimator.”

Hoffman Construction Selects DESTINI Estimator for Enterprise Preconstruction Solution

Hoffman Construction Company, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, has selected DESTINI Estimator as its enterprise estimating software.

Founded in 1922 by Lee Hawley Hoffman, Hoffman Construction has consistently ranked in the ENR 400 list of top national contractors, and in 2017 was ranked #49 with over $2 billion of construction. The multi-year enterprise agreement will provide licenses to all of Hoffman’s preconstruction teams on projects throughout the United States.

“We are very excited to implement DESTINI Estimator in all of our preconstruction teams,” said David Drinkward, Executive Vice President of Hoffman Construction Company. “Changing estimating tools and workflows is not easy but our preconstruction team sees tremendous value in the technology and drove the desire to change platforms to deliver the value we seek for our clients. Over the last year of working with Beck Technology in the selection of DESTINI Estimator we have built tremendous trust in the Beck team and we believe that the estimating platform will deliver additional value we are seeking for our customers.”

“Hoffman has been offering the highest quality construction services to their customer base for almost a century, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with them as they implement DESTINI Estimator,” said Tyler Barron, Vice President of Sales at Beck Technology. “Their team is incredibly talented and forward-thinking. With the addition of DESTINI Estimator as part of their process I foresee they will continue to be a construction company who sets the standard for others to follow.”

Software Exploration is the First Step in Major Commitment at Haselden and Layton

Making a major commitment should include plenty of research prior to jumping in with both feet. Asking plenty of questions, feeling comfortable with leaving behind the “way I’ve always done it” and embracing new possibilities, and having a plan for the future all go into discovering if your new commitment is right. As any general contractor knows, moving to a new estimating platform is a big decision.

Blindly making the decision based on functions and features is not the way to embrace a technology that plays a major role in winning work and winning over clients. Additionally, being stagnant with an archaic estimating system is just as detrimental because it limits growth, innovation, and collaboration to build a better future for the company.

Haselden Construction and Layton Construction Company have both completed Beck Technology’s DESTINI Estimator exploration as part of their research in finding a preconstruction solution for their companies. Randy Gunn, Senior Estimator for Layton Construction, stated, “We wanted to look out there and see everything that was involved, and, really, I think Beck Technology was the only one that provided that opportunity for that kind of an exploration. This was very hands-on, very personal, and very tailored to us.”

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Update: PARIC + DESTINI Estimator + BIM 360

PARIC Corporation, an ENR Top 200, St Louis-based firm that started back in 1979, has leveraged technology throughout its growth. Andy Leek, Director of VDC for PARIC, says, “The A/E/C industry continues to evolve technology at a rapid pace, and our estimating tools must keep pace with the demanding nature of projects.”

During his first webinar in 2017 (, Andy went into detail about the selection process and developing their implementation plan. Now, one year into the implementation, PARIC has made great progress in their use of DESTINI Estimator. The webinar details the steps that PARIC’s implementation team took to get where they are today – the speed bumps, the reviewing, evaluating and purging of existing databases, time commitments and training, entering and managing data, and so much more.

Though a change like this can be stressful, PARIC has maintained a consistent partnership with the Beck Technology team. This allows Beck Technology to understand PARIC’s needs through the established open-line of communication, and also utilize suggestions for future development of the DESTINI Estimator software. The long-term goal of PARIC was always to have fully-integrated Autodesk’s BIM 360 and that is now available in DESTINI Estimator, for all Estimator clients. Starting in January of 2018, PARIC has put together a plan to keep their team fully invested in DESTINI Estimator as they phase out their old legacy product. This includes general conditions refinement, database tweaks, expanding into more of their core markets as new projects start, and leveraging BIM 360 for 2D and 3D QTO.

Watch the full webinar HERE for more on PARIC Corporation’s implementation of DESTINI Estimator.

McHugh Construction Integrates Estimating Through DESTINI Estimator Preconstruction Software

James McHugh Construction Co. has selected DESTINI Estimator as its enterprise wide commercial preconstruction solution.

Headquartered in Chicago and responsible for much of the city’s iconic skyline, McHugh is ranked No. 127 among the ENR Top 400 Contractors. The company is an existing customer of Beck Technology and a user of the macro-level modeling and estimating solution DESTINI Profiler. McHugh evaluated several detailed estimating platforms and selected DESTINI Estimator because it streamlined their traditional estimating processes as well as extended their growing use of model-based estimating.

The multi-year agreement will serve all of McHugh’s commercial preconstruction team members across the Midwest.

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DESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 Showcases Seamless Integration with Autodesk BIM 360

DESTINI EstimatorDESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 is here! The platform includes several new innovative features but the standout functionality is the integration with Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform.

The desire for the BIM 360 integration stems from Beck Technology’s Industry Advisory Board, a group of current Estimator users as well as a select group of industry experts from the ENR Top 400 General Contractors in the United States. The Industry Advisory Board provides industry insight into future software features and technology needs.

Users are able to connect to BIM 360 from within Estimator and access data from models hosted on BIM 360. The data can be applied to working estimates in Estimator without the need to open additional software programs or leave the estimating platform.

“What our industry needed was an intuitive estimating platform with a strategic BIM 360 integration,” said Andy Leek, Director of Virtual Design and Construction for PARIC Corporation. “Being able to use one platform to efficiently access current project data, without having to export and import external files, enables near real time accuracy within integrated teams.  DESTINI Estimator is the only truly integrated estimating platform for forward-thinking preconstruction teams.”

“Cost estimating is a critical component of preconstruction and getting it right sets an early tone for the success of a project,” said Sarah Hodges, Autodesk’s Director of the Construction Business Line. “The integration of Beck Technology’s estimating platform with Autodesk’s BIM 360 construction management platform will deliver a powerful solution for consistent and seamless knowledge transfer from planning through buyout.”

“This integration is the result of collaboration between our Industry Advisory Board, Autodesk’s development team, and Beck Technology’s development and testing teams,” said Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer for Beck Technology. “DESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 embodies what Beck Technology is known for … we seek and listen to what the construction industry needs, create innovative solutions, and deliver what we promise.”

The estimating software’s highlights are demonstrated in Beck Technology’s ‘Estimator Fully Integrates with BIM 360!’ on-demand webinar.

How Technology is Streamlining the Preconstruction Process

This post is authored by Kim Slowey for Construction Dive and was published February 28, 2018.

Contractors used to have to swim through a sea of paperwork to perform any number of preconstruction tasks, including quantity takeoffs, collecting bids from subcontractors, checking vendor qualifications, communicating with the owner, and clarifying design issues with the architect and engineer.

The digital age alleviated the burden of paper but resulted in still siloed functions that chop up the preconstruction process. In addition, the use of multiple, not-integrated software programs, which can be frustrating to use as well as time-wasting, leaves the door open for potential data entry mistakes that could mean the difference between winning and losing a project.

Perhaps the most cumbersome task that comes with using various programs for preconstruction tasks is that teams often must rebuild a project’s database of information into a separate management system when awarded the job.

Michael Boren, chief technology officer at Beck Technology, a software and services company for the architecture, engineering and construction industries, said the best digital tools lessen the chance of mistakes during preconstruction, thereby reducing risk during the construction phase; communicate pricing and scheduling in a way that owners can easily understand; improve the accuracy of estimates; and be able to communicate the impact of large-scale changes to the plans and specifications to all parties. Read more

Peer Introduction Leads Haselden Construction to Select DESTINI Estimator for Preconstruction Solution

Haselden Construction

Haselden Construction, headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, has selected DESTINI Estimator as its enterprise estimating software.

Founded in 1973, Haselden consistently ranks in the ENR 400 list of top national contractors, and in 2017 ranked #6 in ENR’s top Colorado/Wyoming contractors list. The general contractor was named to The Denver Post’s Top 100 Workplaces in both 2017 and 2016. Haselden was looking for a solution to make their estimating process more efficient, as well as handle the influx of 3D models they receive for incorporation with the models they produce in-house in their Virtual Design & Construction Department. .

The multi-year enterprise agreement will serve all of Haselden Construction’s offices, located across Colorado and Wyoming.

“Entering into this multi-year agreement and partnership with Beck Technology allows our preconstruction teams to more effectively support the pursuit and execution of our work,” said Byron Haselden, Chief Executive Officer and President of Haselden Construction. Read more

Come Together

This article was written by Michael Boren, CTO of Beck Technology, and published February 2018 on Construction Today.

Problem solving is one of my favorite activities. Recently, I’ve gotten into creating custom cabinetry as a weekend hobby. Sketching designs, calculating the amount of material needed, and making sure all the tools are nearby is a regular occurrence around my house. However, I’m a hobbyist at this art form. Often, I ask other people on how to best approach a specific nook or cranny detail.

When I first started out, my projects were pretty basic but as I learned from others and shared ideas about designs and tactics, my weekend hobby has turned out some great work. I’ve come to realize when people are really passionate about something they are willing to help others regardless of whose name is on the final product. Why do we collaborate on hobbies but not in our professions? Competition is fierce within the AEC industry, so it’s easy to make the people who work for your competitor into the bad guys. Maybe you think their approach isn’t as good as yours, or they’d steal your clients or trade secrets in a heartbeat. But if we spend our entire careers keeping ideas bottled up and kept for ourselves then who are we benefiting? We would both be missing out on a chance to make our industry better for each of us, both of our companies, and the communities we serve. Read more