Innovation Week 2012

New ideas are flourishing within Beck Technology thanks to Innovation Week. Twice a year, the team sets a week aside to innovate and be creative. Out of this week came new applications, innovative and fun product features, defined metrics, out-of-the box web development, and a host of other creative solutions. There are no parameters to what the team has to work on and there is only one rule: you must present the work you did during Innovation Week at Beck Technology’s semi-annual company retreat. This year, Innovation Week ran from August 22 through August 28 with presentations given August 29 and 30.

The reason behind this specific week is to foster creativity and provide ample time to work on fun projects that the team may not normally be able to work on. The results usually end up enhancing Beck Technology to be a better place to work and encourage the innovative culture that the team strives to achieve. Also, several of the innovative ideas end up in production which makes the products and services Beck Technology offer that much better. Read more

Innovation in the AEC Industry: Autocodes (Design)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools continue to prove efficient and effective in the built environment. This technology allows for buy-in from the designer, contractor and owner to develop a project that is ideal. A 3D model can be manipulated in ways that a 2D drawing cannot. However, submitting drawings for plan/code review requires a flattening of the model to a 2D set for review. This cycle of 3D modeling and 2D flattening can repeat itself several times until the drawings pass the review.

AUTOCodes, a project involving several owners, software partners including Solibri, and sponsored by FIATECH, is on the cutting edge of reducing the repetitive cycle of model flattening for code review. Jonathan Widney discusses how AUTOCodes are leveling the playing field in the review process and paving the way for a streamlined technique. Read more

Stewart Carroll Named to Industry Leadership Group on BIM

Stewart Carroll, Chief Operating Officer with Beck Technology has been named co-chair of the Technology Subforum of BIMForum. BIMForum’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) in the AEC industry. Composed of ten subforums, including designers, builders, owners and technology, BIMForum members collaborate with each other and other industry organizations. Their goal is to promote interdisciplinary projects and accelerate the adoption of BIM.

The Technology Subforum seeks to proactively support the larger group through proposing and developing content for conference participants, development of educational curriculum, and serve as a facilitator between BIMForum and the wider BIM user community. The goal is to discuss and share ideas on technology application to inform and influence members. This process is designed to educate the BIM Forum audience about technology that is being developed to better serve project and process requirements.

“My goal has always been to develop and present innovative technologies and services to the AEC profession,” said Carroll. “Serving as co-chair of the Technology Forum is an important link to the BIM community and an opportunity to understand its needs and find ways to fill those needs.”

Stewart Carroll joined Beck Technology in 2000. As leader of Beck Technology he runs all aspects of the corporation, corporate strategy and vision, and continually evangelizes the use of technology. Stewart is an expert on AEC technology and its application in the marketplace. He is a lead AEC technologist and continually speaks on the integration of cost and scoping technologies to owners and developers. He received his BS in Computer Sciences from the University of Iowa.