DESTINI Profiler 2014 1.0 Released

The latest version of DESTINI Profiler has incorporated ideas from current software users, needs of the design/build industry and innovative functionality that continues to support an integrated industry approach to projects.

“This new version of DESTINI Profiler really showcases our level of involvement with our user base,” said Stewart Carroll, Chief Operating Officer of Beck Technology.  “We not only listen to feedback but we put that information back into our software. DESTINI Profiler users are incredibly innovative and they are using the software in ways that the construction industry has rarely seen before. The fact that they are setting the tone for their competitors to follow is not lost on us and that’s why we continue to evolve DESTINI Profiler into a solution that is revolutionary.”

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DESTINI Profiler Tip/Trick: Live Filtering

Did you know that this blank cell is actually a “live filter” in the current view? It allows you to quickly filter the view by a specific criteria including description, cost information, UOM, etc. It is a great way to isolate a single item of cost, or a group of items in order to modify a property about that item.

DESTINI Profiler 2014 1.0 New Features

Traditionally when we plan a release of DESTINI Profiler, we try to come up with a high level theme or a central idea that will focus the list of features. That way, we can best target the largest current need and help frame an objective for our development, sales, and marketing teams. This year’s release has two separate themes, which is a very rare case for Beck Technology.  The 2014 1.0 release was created with the intent to support the use of Profiler in live charrette style engagements as well as support the ability to use Profiler as a marketing tool.

Since Profiler is a planning tool aimed at showing the ramification of change across multiple disciplines, the best environment to have high impact with Profiler is live with a client or with the entire project team during the early phases of a project.  To support this we created features like fill cladding patterns that can very rapidly apply detailed facades to an entire building.  Additionally, we have included support for the latest versions of CAD to import and export underlays and topographieswhich allows the project team to move data to and from architectural software’s quickly.  Adding on to the support of interoperability we have implemented full import and export to and from Revit using actual Revit objects.

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2013 DBIA Conference & Expo Recap

Here is our take on the event.

The 2013 DBIA Conference and Expo was held at The Mirage in Las Vegas on November 4-6.  The attendees of this event are seeking innovative teaming partners as well as owners who see the design and construction industry evolving.  Several of the sessions discussed design-build project highlights in addition to a change of mentality.

I attended ‘Pioneering the Wyoming Frontier – The First Design-Build Project for the Wyoming Military Department’.  The owner, design-build consultant, general contractor and architect were on the panel.  It was interesting to hear how the government had to adapt to a design-build platform including contracting, scheduling and budgets.  Their hurdles were overcome by the work of their design-build consultant, Design-Build Solutions, LLC, helping them every step of the way.  The general contractor (Hensel Phelps) and architect (Fentress Architects) also played a major part in seeing the project come to fruition as they co-located and increased their levels of communication.  Pete LeClair of Hensel Phelps said, “Communication is the foundation to trust for a design-build project.” Read more

2013 Beck Technology Roundtable Recap

On August 19, Beck Technology held the 2013 Beck Technology Roundtable in Alexandria, Virginia.  This annual event brings together current DProfiler users, project owners, and construction technology enthusiasts to not only discuss future implementations of BIM but how advanced technology is currently utilized in the building industry.

Steve Jones is a Senior Director with McGraw-Hill Construction and was the keynote speaker for the event.  His presentation mapped out construction trends and shared forecasts of what the industry’s framework may look like in the coming years.

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Doug Maiden Receives Lawrence A. Wilson Award

Once a year, The Beck Group (sister company of Beck Technology) presents outstanding project teams and individuals with the Lawrence A. Wilson Award in recognition of service above and beyond expectations. On April 19, 2013 Doug Maiden, Manager of Professional Services at Beck Technology, received this award for being a compassionate, talented trainer, mentor and support technician. Doug has led Beck Technology’s training and mentoring programs for several years and has overseen the company’s support help desk.

Owner Proposal Analysis in DESTINI Profiler

One of our goals at Beck Technology last year was to conduct a second comparative analysis of design-build proposals using DESTINI Profiler.  The first time we used DESTINI Profiler to compare contractor proposals, we were asked on short notice by the US Dept. of State to review responses on a MONSTER-sized project.  The job was valued at close to $1 billion and included 25+ existing buildings to be demolished and then replaced in a highly orchestrated fashion in order to maintain operations of a US embassy.  On this project, the Beck Technology team members had 24 hours to take an existing DESTINI Profiler master plan model that they had created during planning and integrate it with the proposed schedules from 2 competing contractors plus the government’s own internal phasing plan.  The results of our analysis were pretty amazing (see video here), but we wanted to see if this process could create value on a smaller, less complicated project.

The opportunity finally came when I met Bruce Rainey with Scripps Health at the COAA conference.  I approached him with the idea and several months later he identified a specific project and connected me with his project manager.  The project is a 175,000 SF outpatient facility in La Jolla, California.  It’s to be connected to an existing hospital on two levels and has six above grade levels and one level below grade. The building would require changes to the roads and surface parking around the hospital complex and this work would need to be done in a phased manner in order to minimize disruption. Two existing buildings also need to be demolished to make room for the new clinic and are a part of the proposal.  The project budget is $68 million. Read more

FutureTech Conference Recap

The Beck Group’s Executive Chairman and Managing Director Peter Beck participated in last week’s ENR FutureTech Conference in San Francisco. Peter was part of the computational design panel and shared his vision with the audience of what technology can do, and is doing, for the built environment.

Paul Doherty, President and CEO of The Digit Group, wrote a recap of the conference for the Construction Executive eNewsletter. Below is his summary of the 2013 FutureTech Conference.

ENR’s FutureTech Conference, held March 14 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, hosted more than 300 AEC/FM professionals for a 10-hour conference on the future of the construction industry and the tools and trends affecting this change.To get right to the seminal moment of the entire conference, Gordon Feller of Cisco said, “Every other major industry in the world has had their traditional processes and methods fundamentally changed by information technology, except the built environment. Banking, pharmaceuticals, sports, transportation, government … Now it is the time for the AEC market to undergo these changes. You have not asked for this change, but it is now upon you. It is your task to accept this challenge or be buried by it.” Read more

Snyder Langston Utilizes DESTINI Profiler to Showcase Project Knowledge

Andy Gerlach, Senior Project Engineer with Snyder Langston, shares his experience utilizing DESTINI Profiler.

At Snyder Langston, we recently identified DProfiler as an ideal fit for the way we communicate and build relationships with our clients.  We envisioned that DESTINI Profiler represented an agile software program that could enable us to visually communicate our preconstruction cost and constructability analysis to clients and design colleagues, particularly on difficult site conditions which constitute a large percentage of our projects. Read more

Ecobuild 2012 Recap

The 2012 Ecobuild Conference got off to a fast start for the Federal Design and Construction Outlook track on Tuesday (December 11) morning.  The General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and Department of State’s Overseas Building Operations (OBO) gave us a glimpse into their future.  There was a common theme among all of the federal presentations: budgets are shrinking and federal agencies need to do more with less money. Read more