Question of the Week – DESTINI Estimator: How do I ensure every instance of a particular model component is included in 3D Takeoff?

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How do I ensure every instance of a particular model component is included in 3D Takeoff?

This answer is provided by Casey Wilt, implementation specialist, and posted on our community as well as below.

Your best bet here is to make sure that your filter tree is set up in a way that allows you to easily see the different components, and whether they have received cost data.

Here is an example of my usual 3D Filter Tree’s active grouping items:

3D Filter Tree's active grouping items
This is a great filter group for walking through your model, level by level, and methodically applying costs as your review the model provided to you by your VDC group or the design team. There are instances, however, where you want to see you components grouped by likeness, rather than proximity in the model.

This is usually the point where your main concern is whether every instance of a slab or glazing type has received the intended line items. “I think I selected all of my slabs that time I added a line item… How can I be sure?”

Modify your active group items in the filter tree to FIRST filter components by a WBS property like CSI Level 1. Once a classified line item has been added to a component, that is information we can use to sort the model. See the grouping below to explain:
Active group modified to filter by a WBS property
The Green text shows the CSI value, and the red rectangle highlights the same type of component existing in both Unknown and 03 Concrete. As the user, I know that the 7″ Concrete floors in the Unknown section have not received their cost items, and I should add the SAME cost item to those I used in other 7″ Concrete takeoffs.

I add the same line item to the “CSI = Unknown” Concrete 7″ Floors by selecting that folder in the tree, and pressing CTRL+A in the Takeoff Window. After completing my line item takeoff, the new line item instances will roll up with the previously added instances of that item, and I’ll see one rolled-up total in my estimate. The floors will also show up in the filter tree under 03 Concrete. See below (after having now added the same item to EVERY INSTANCE of Concrete 7″):
Filtered estiamte after 3D Takeoff
Let me know what creative solutions you have discovered on your 3D takeoff efforts!