DESTINI Estimator 2018.2.0 Extends Integrated Takeoff and Estimating Functionality

Beck Technology releases a feature packed pre-construction software version that was guided by input from general contractors and focuses on more efficient estimating processes.

Beck Technology, leading software and service firm for the commercial design and construction industry, has released a new version of its integrated estimating software: DESTINI® Estimator 2018.2.0. The release is another significant advancement for the integrated pre-construction solution. With over 50 major feature enhancements in 2018.2.0, many of which were driven by customer feedback, this release extends existing functionality in a number of key areas.

  • Parametric conceptual estimating
  • Assembly creation and use
  • Self-perform estimating
  • 2D and 3D takeoff

“The Beck Technology team continues to be an amazing partner who consistently listens to our needs and works with us on extending their product in areas that really add value to our business,” said Ray Miller, Vice President of Pre-construction for Balfour Beatty. “The parametric estimating functionality in this upcoming release is awesome and will allow us to integrate our existing cost models directly into DESTINI Estimator to drive our conceptual estimates bringing the flexibility our users love with the structure and consistency I need as a pre-construction leader at Balfour Beatty.”

“Creating world class technology to allow our customers to make better, more informed decisions through the life of their projects is why we do what we do,” said Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer of Beck Technology. “Integrating our customers throughout our development process is vital to delivering on this goal. We take a lot of pride in listening to our customers’ needs and finding innovative solutions to solve their problems. DESTINI Estimator 2018.2.0 is a feature packed release and it’s been great working with input from more than 20 of our enterprise customers on this release.”

The estimating software’s highlights are demonstrated in Beck Technology’s ‘Sneak Peek of Latest Developments: Estimator 2018 2.0’ on-demand webinar.

DESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 Showcases Seamless Integration with Autodesk BIM 360

DESTINI EstimatorDESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 is here! The platform includes several new innovative features but the standout functionality is the integration with Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform.

The desire for the BIM 360 integration stems from Beck Technology’s Industry Advisory Board, a group of current Estimator users as well as a select group of industry experts from the ENR Top 400 General Contractors in the United States. The Industry Advisory Board provides industry insight into future software features and technology needs.

Users are able to connect to BIM 360 from within Estimator and access data from models hosted on BIM 360. The data can be applied to working estimates in Estimator without the need to open additional software programs or leave the estimating platform.

“What our industry needed was an intuitive estimating platform with a strategic BIM 360 integration,” said Andy Leek, Director of Virtual Design and Construction for PARIC Corporation. “Being able to use one platform to efficiently access current project data, without having to export and import external files, enables near real time accuracy within integrated teams.  DESTINI Estimator is the only truly integrated estimating platform for forward-thinking preconstruction teams.”

“Cost estimating is a critical component of preconstruction and getting it right sets an early tone for the success of a project,” said Sarah Hodges, Autodesk’s Director of the Construction Business Line. “The integration of Beck Technology’s estimating platform with Autodesk’s BIM 360 construction management platform will deliver a powerful solution for consistent and seamless knowledge transfer from planning through buyout.”

“This integration is the result of collaboration between our Industry Advisory Board, Autodesk’s development team, and Beck Technology’s development and testing teams,” said Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer for Beck Technology. “DESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 embodies what Beck Technology is known for … we seek and listen to what the construction industry needs, create innovative solutions, and deliver what we promise.”

The estimating software’s highlights are demonstrated in Beck Technology’s ‘Estimator Fully Integrates with BIM 360!’ on-demand webinar.

Industry Feedback Molds DESTINI Estimator 2017.3.0 to be Solution for Construction Estimating Frustrations

Beck Technology crowd-sourced feedback and direction from construction estimators to enhance and create features in the estimating platform which provides construction firms a realistic estimating tool

Beck Technology, leading preconstruction and estimating software firm for the commercial construction industry, has released a new version of its intelligent estimating software: DESTINI Estimator 2017.3.0. The platform includes more than 20 new innovative features – developed with input from leading top general contractors – that make construction estimating faster, easier, and more intelligent.

To determine exactly which features would deliver the most value to construction estimators, Beck Technology used a crowd-sourcing approach to target its development efforts, seeking input from current Estimator users as well as a select group of industry experts. The software enhancements were a direct response to guidance from Beck Technology’s Industry Advisory Board, which is comprised of select general contractors from the ENR Top 400 General Contractors in the United States. This group’s feedback provided valuable direction on 85 percent of the features introduced in Estimator 2017.3.0.

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Self-Perform Contractors Benefit from DESTINI Estimator 2017.2.0 with Enhanced Functionality

Integrated self-perform scope of work estimating eliminates the need for construction firms to buy and maintain separate software to estimate work performed directly, rather than by subcontractors

Beck Technology, leading preconstruction software and service firm for the commercial construction industry, has released a new version of its intelligent estimating software: DESTINI® Estimator 2017.2.0. In addition to several new features and upgrades for general estimating, this release includes integrated self-performing functionality for estimating of “self-perform” work not performed by subcontractors.

The self-perform functionality is a boon to construction firms of all sizes that may perform certain aspects of construction work on their own – such as concrete or drywall – rather than hiring a subcontractor. The new functionality allows estimators to use the same tool for all estimating, no matter who is performing the work, and includes full production rates and rate tables in the integrated platform for takeoff and estimating. This speeds up the estimating process and eliminates the need for a second estimating software product to handle self-perform estimating, providing even greater return on investment of DESTINI Estimator.

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Sneak Peek DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0

Sneak Peek DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0

Michael Boren, chief technology officer of Beck Technology, provided insights on new features in the upcoming DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0. This software update, the first in a three-part series to be completed near the end of the calendar year, focuses on three areas of improvement.


Of the 24 new estimating features in Estimator 2017 2.0, improvements in functionality include updates such as the ability to bulk add costs to, and remove from, estimates and the ability to reorganize estimate comparisons.

2D Takeoff

The new set of 2D takeoff capabilities is the first step toward a larger feature set that will develop throughout the upcoming releases. Functionality enhancements include the ability to alter the color of 2D drawings, quickly change the item type for previously drawn items, and view reports or print from the takeoff window.

Rates and Resources

Rates and Resources is a new view with a window that provides estimates for crews that might be needed and potential tax rates. These items can be filtered and applied to estimates, and as rates and resources are updated, they will update in the Estimate window as well.

Many of the new features in DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0 were suggested by Beck Technology’s Industry Advisory Group, composed of existing clients and other industry experts interested in working with Beck Technology to advance the technological capabilities of the A/E/C industry.

We invite you to learn more about these new features and more by watching the recorded webinar.

2017 Q1 Recap & Updates

The Beck Technology team, as well as our clients, launched into 2017 with so much vigor and drive that the first quarter flew by at what felt like a record pace. Please find below our quick quarterly update with relevant news on the preconstruction technology front.

Register for Workshop

Beck Technology Joins Forces with Advancing Building Estimation 2017 to Present a Pre-Conference Workshop on Driving Change

Registration is open for the Advancing Building Estimation 2017 conference (formerly Estimation Technology for Construction) scheduled for May 22-24 in Houston at the Westin Houston, Memorial City.

Beck Technology is hosting a half-day pre-conference workshop “Why Do We Need Change?” that will explore the factors driving changes in the A/E/C industry. Our team and client speakers will discuss topics from mitigating risks to the expectation of accurate real-time data in a dialogue focused on why we need to change, what it looks like, and who is spearheading the effort.

We are pleased to share the podium and conduct tabletop discussion groups with client speakers including:

  • Ray Miller, Vice President of Preconstruction Services, Balfour Beatty Construction Services US
  • Andy Leek, Director of VDC, Paric Corporation
  • Brent Pilgrim, DESTINI Applications Director, The Beck Group

The workshop will run from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Monday, May 22. Information on the workshop and full conference may be found on the conference website. Early bird registration ends Friday, April 21.

As a reminder, this workshop format replaces our Beck Technology Roundtable this year to enable clients to bundle greater learning and networking as part of a larger conference.

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DESTINI Estimator 2017.1.0 Elevates Preconstruction Technology


Crowd-sourced input from Beck Technology’s Industry Advisory Group creates an estimating platform with today’s demands in mind while focusing on the future

A new version of intelligent estimating software DESTINI Estimator 2017.1.0 has been released. The platform includes more than 20 innovative features – developed with input from leading top general contractors – that make construction estimating faster, easier, and more intelligent than ever. The version is being released simultaneously with an upgraded version of our cost information software, Data Manager 2017.1.0, which integrates with and supports Estimator as well as other Beck Technology software.

To determine exactly which new features would deliver the most value to construction estimators, Beck Technology used a crowd-sourcing approach to target its development efforts, seeking input from current Estimator users as well as a select group of industry experts. The new software features were a direct response to input from our Industry Advisory Group, which is comprised of select general contractors from the ENR Top 400 General Contractors in the United States. This group’s feedback, combined with client input, provided valuable guidance that helped us narrow down which improved features would best contribute to Estimator 2017.1.0’s intelligent estimating experience for users.

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DESTINI Estimator 2016 2.0 is Here!

DESTINI Estimator 2016 2.0 is now more robust with industry requested features. The next generation estimating platform now has a takeoff view that allows users to obtain quantities from both 2D and 3D documents. Additionally, the latest release integrates with Navisworks! All of the new features are listed below:

  • Takeoff View: A new takeoff view is available that will allow users to obtain quantities from both 2D and 3D documents.
  • Navisworks Property Filtering (white listing): To reduce the amount of unnecessary data that is displayed to the estimator, DESTINI Estimator has a white list functionality that allows users to specify only those properties that they will want to interact with when consuming Navisworks models for their 3D quantity takeoff.
  • Quick Access to Previously Used 2D and 3D QTO Documents: DESTINI Estimator provides a quick list of all documents that have been used to obtain quantities for an estimate.
  • Embedded 2D Takeoff: Users now have access to a fully integrated 2D takeoff platform. This includes the standard area, line, and count takeoff.
  • Ability to Tightly Couple Costs With QTO Objects: DESTINI Estimator goes beyond just mapping cost item’s variables to the properties of the 2D takeoff or 3D model. Once a line item or assembly is mapped to one or more items in the 2D document or 3D model a wide range of never before seen options become available. 2D takeoff objects and 3D model components now know about the cost items that are associated with them along with all of their properties. This means that if the user ties a concrete line item to an area takeoff object, not only does the area takeoff object know its price but the user can now filter their takeoff by any information that line item has access to like Uniformat or Masterformat classification without having to add any other information to the area takeoff.
  • Embedded 3D Takeoff: DESTINI Estimator can load a Navisworks .nwd file and quickly slice and dice the model on any information contained within that model so that the estimator can locate and quantify one or more components in the model and tie the costs in the estimate directly to whatever information they need.
    • Like the 2D drawings, each estimate has an unlimited number of 3D models that can be associated with it.
    • DESTINI Estimator can edit the information contained within the 3D model to allow the preconstruction team to compensate for inaccurate information or to better align the information in the model with how the team thinks about the project.
  • 3D Model Comparison: As a project progresses estimators are given new versions of the 3D model to reflect the changes in scope and definition. DESTINI Estimator has the ability to handle these changes by comparing the old and new 3D models and showing which components were added, modified, or removed as well as showing the effect on the cost items associated with those affected model components.
    • During this comparison, DESTINI Estimator goes into a review mode and allows the estimator to decide on how they would like each change to affect their estimate. DESTINI Estimator provides a set of innovative tools to allow the preconstruction team member to filter on each affected portion of the model, review the effect on costs for that section, and specify whether or not they want to keep the new updated value or revert to the previous value.
  • Highlight Rules: A new system has been added that will allow an estimator to color the rows in the Estimate View based on any criteria they would like. For instance, a user may want to color all line items that have been mapped to a 2D or 3D object blue and color all 0 quantity items red. There are an unlimited number of highlight rules that you can create and an unlimited amount of logic that can be put into each rule. The system even allows for rule priority so one rule’s color can overwrite another if it has a higher priority.
  • Reporting: With the addition of integrated quantity takeoff, the reporting functionality in estimator also has access to the quantity information which will allow preconstruction team members to create reports on their quantity takeoff.

Click the video below to watch an overview of DESTINI Estimator 2016 2.0.

First Commercial Release of the DESTINI Suite for Integrated Project Preconstruction

Data ManagerEstimatorProfilerBeck Technology, Ltd. announces the release of DESTINI Profiler 2015 1.0, DESTINI Estimator 2015 1.1, and DESTINI Data Manager 1.1. The three releases are part of the DESTINI suite of products and will allow users to take projects from the Macro-level to the Micro-level of detail while providing cost and information to manage projects more effectively.

Beck Technology was built on the foundation of providing solutions that enable better, more informed decisions, throughout the life of capital projects. Our technology is called DESTINI, an acronym for Design ESTimation INtegration Initiative. This release allows for a seamless transition from DESTINI Profiler (preconstruction and conceptual design software) to DESTINI Estimator (lightweight, robust estimating software) supported by DESTINI Data Manager (a database organizer). “We have a vision that by bringing more clarity to the preconstruction process our customers can make better more informed project decisions,” said Michael Boren, Director of Research and Development at Beck Technology. “The DESTINI suite release is a major milestone that enables our customers to establish project targets at the outset of a project and then manage the project against these targets thus providing a more collaborative and information rich platform that will result in better quality projects, delivered with more predictable costs and schedules.”

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DESTINI Estimator is Newest Estimating Software in 12 Years

Beck Technology, Ltd. announces the release of DESTINI Estimator, the first software product created separately from its flagship Macro level Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, DESTINI Profiler. DESTINI Estimator is considered to be the next generation in estimating software and can be used in conjunction with DESTINI Profiler or as a standalone project tool.

DESTINI Estimator stems from ideas generated by Sundt Construction in collaboration with Beck Technology’s Research & Development department.  “Because of the familiarity we had with our previous applications we were able to pick and choose what we wanted,” said Donald Goodrich, Vice President and Director of Preconstruction of Sundt Construction.  “We wanted the ease of use of Excel as well as the same reports that we generate from DESTINI Profiler.  From a management perspective, I am looking for the database application.  DESTINI Estimator reduces inadvertent mistakes.”

A high level list of features of DESTINI Estimator 2015 1.0 are:

  • Innovative custom reporting with no limits that can be created by an estimator
  • Ability to compare an unlimited number of estimates
  • Able to merge multiple estimates into one
  • Intuitive, flexible, and interactive custom reports
  • Innovative customizable estimate comparison
  • Live interactive dashboards
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Seamless transition from DESTINI Profiler that includes model intelligence
  • Unlimited number of classifications can be assigned to cost items
  • Unlimited amount of data such as planning, location, and images can be associated with cost items
  • Unlimited WBS, sorting, filtering
  • Customizable fees and indirects
  • Quick and flexible cost escalation & de-escalation
  • Fast import of cost data
  • Innovative estimate specific assemblies

“This is the first estimating platform of this magnitude the A/E/C industry has seen in 12 years,” said Michael Boren, Director of Research & Development at Beck Technology.  “Many of the estimating softwares on the market are burdensome and weighted down with functionality that the industry either does not use or does not need.  DESTINI Estimator was created to be agile for our evolving industry.”

Beck Technology is offering DESTINI Estimator on a monthly subscription basis that includes maintenance and support.