The Beck Group Denver: Costs and Concepts in DESTINI Profiler

Jeff Harrington, Assistant Preconstruction Manager, and Brent Bartels, Architect-Senior Designer with The Beck Group’s Denver office shared how they leverage DESTINI Profiler to benefit the owner, the design team, and the preconstruction team. As project owners request more and more information up front so they can make decisions they are also requiring and expecting accurate estimates early on in the process. The integration between architecture and preconstruction is critical, and is highlighted by The Beck Group’s process. DESTINI Profiler fits perfectly in this early project initiation through the merging of the conceptual and schematic design phases.

For the Denver team, the process aims for continuous alignment for five very specific areas: cost, design, owner requirements, program, schedule. Brent and Jeff use Profiler for all but scheduling. The Pre-construction team specifically finds that Profiler improves efficiency and saves time. There is improved accuracy of estimates and building of the model creates knowledge. Profiler also provides a great visual aid to the project owner – showing the alignment of the architectural and pre-construction teams in front of the owner, and providing models that look fairly close to what the design team is putting together. Then, Profiler takes those models and shows the owner the cost impacts of changes right up front versus waiting for design iterations and then later presenting costs. The teams can work together to put more definition into the scope of work, shifting costs to create value where it is most beneficial.

Jeff and Brent discuss two specific projects, the 15th & Stout Hotel and the Boulder Industry and Arts Center, where they used Profiler to make a 3D model, show estimates, work through all the iterative changes needed, and ultimately win the work. Each project and client are different; however, utilizing Profiler in each instance allows for collaboration and integration, ultimately meeting the design intent, owner requirements, and the budget.

Watch the full webinar HERE for more on The Beck Group’s use of DESTINI Profiler.


Customization, Enhancements, and the Wizard in DESTINI Profiler

Messer Construction’s Matt Buddenberg and Tony McDaniel reviewed how their organization utilizes DESTINI Profiler and the Wizard that is available in the software, as well as how they’ve customized it for their specific needs.

Initially becoming Profiler users in 2013, Messer chose to partner with Beck Technology because of a similar mindset: construction-focused and innovative technology that keeps up with the current needs of the industry.  This forged a relationship between Beck Technology and Messer in which collaboration is key.

Messer Construction continues to utilize Profiler because it truly allows for real-time estimating in the preconstruction phase, with on-the-fly changes in front of owners who can see the impact in dollars then and there.  Watch Matt’s demonstration of the Wizard that was developed with Beck Technology for Messer’s healthcare projects – giving them the ability to change systems by answering just a few questions, and have an estimate to present immediately.

When time is money for both the owner and contractor, Messer Construction agrees that it is great to have a tool that enables quicker, more informed decisions – and one that enhances the collaboration amongst the design team and owners.

Watch the full webinar HERE for more on Messer Construction’s utilization of the custom wizard in Profiler.

BRPH Adds DESTINI Software Suite to Design Expertise

BRPHThe international architecture and engineering firm, BRPH, has selected the DESTINI suite of software to provide end-to-end conceptual design costs and estimating services.

Based in Melbourne, FL, BRPH is a 53-year-old, employee-owned firm with offices across the U.S. The firm was previously outsourcing estimating services but decided to bring these responsibilities in-house to develop their own cost database as well as provide clients with intricate estimating details for early project milestones. BRPH chose to purchase the DESTINI suite comprised of DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Profiler to enhance their Owner Management service offerings with detailed information on conceptual designs as well as realistic costs moving forward in the project.

DESTINI Estimator 

“We recognized that we needed to have a centralized database from a design standpoint so we could cross reference past projects and costs as we look at new work,” said Jason Dunn, Director of Project Management for BRPH. “We can also utilize the DESTINI suite as a marketing tool to discuss design concepts with owners at the earliest stage to help them visualize their budget. Having the design team talking about the budget gets the owner’s trust really early, and we’re excited to now have a way to present the data.”

“BRPH understands design affects costs and costs affect design,” said Stewart Carroll, COO for Beck Technology. “They realize that design cannot be done in a vacuum and DESTINI Profiler will be the platform to help them associate their expertise in design with their project cost history. Their Owner Management services will be greatly enhanced with the use of DESTINI Estimator as BRPH will be able to share project costs throughout the life of their project. This is a major game changer for any design service firm.”

Pre-setting Variable Values for Each Building Type (Yes, it’s possible)

Heather Kossila, BIM Manager for Kraus-Anderson, discussed her method for creating new projects in DESTINI Profiler pre-populated with variables based on building type.

Users access a batch file created with different building types for the user to choose from. After a selection is entered, Profiler automatically opens. The user then selects a few further preferences and Profiler opens a blank model for a new project. The variables specified for that particular building type will already be in place.

As Kraus-Anderson prepares to implement Profiler within its preconstruction team, Kossila’s method decreases training time needed and, from the beginning, situates projects closer to the final estimate.

We invite you to learn more about this method, including cautions and walk-through examples, in the full webinar here.

2017 Q2 Recap & Updates

The second quarter of 2017 has all but flown by as our team and clients continue to pursue innovation in the A/E/C industry and our “Best-in-Class” construction cost estimating software, DESTINI Estimator as well as the DESTINI Profiler platform. Below is our quick quarterly update with the latest on the preconstruction and estimating technology front.

Best-in-Class Construction Cost Estimating Software, DESTINI Quarterly Review & Update

What’s Driving Change & Why Care

A Recap on the Need for Change in the A/E/C Industry

The Advancing Building Estimation 2017 conference took place on May 22-24 in Houston, TX. Beck Technology hosted a half-day pre-conference workshop, “Why Do We Need Change?,” where attendees listened as speakers shared their companies’ change story as well as engaged in dialogue focused on the future of the A/E/C industry. We were pleased to hear the insights of client speakers including:

Ray Miller, Vice President of Preconstruction Services, Balfour Beatty Construction Services US

Andy Leek, Director of Virtual Design and Construction, PARIC Corporation

Brent Pilgrim, DESTINI Applications Director, The Beck Group

For those of you unable to join us in person, the following video recording  of the main speeches and Q&A with the audience is below. Or, you may read a written summary here.


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Accurate, Quick Answers are the Key to Wow and Win Clients

When owners are ready to move on a construction project, they need answers about the design and how much it might cost—and they want answers quickly. The preconstruction group first to the table with accurate, detailed estimates and models has the best opportunity to build a customer relationship that can lead to winning the work.

While many competitors are still at the drawing board, firms using Beck Technology’s DESTINI® Profiler can turn around a detailed 3D model and cost estimate in as little as one day, offering them an early opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

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Beyond the Demo … What’s Next?

This article was written by Casey Wilt, Implementation Specialist at Beck Technology, and posted to his LinkedIn Pulse May 2017.

When my faithful old pickup truck began to show signs of “impending doom” at the end of college, I immediately began perusing car lots to find a suitable replacement. The salesmen, without fail, had excellent canned comments about each model. I was able to go on a carefully pre-determined test drive loop of less than 10 minutes in each one, after which they believed I would have the information I needed to sign my bank account away. Only one shopping experience sticks out in my mind from that day. The salesman at the Jeep dealership looked out the window at my truck, looked back at me, and tossed me the keys to a beautiful 2-door Jeep with only 5 miles on the odometer.

“Take it home for the weekend, take it camping, and let me know if you still want it when you bring it back on Monday.”

The extended test drive was the opportunity to use a potential purchase in my world, in my way, without constant oversight, and see if it was a good fit for me. That concept is CRUCIAL to the process of making informed purchase decisions, and our adaptation of it, the pilot project, is a very important part of the buying process here at Beck Technology.

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2017 Q1 Recap & Updates

The Beck Technology team, as well as our clients, launched into 2017 with so much vigor and drive that the first quarter flew by at what felt like a record pace. Please find below our quick quarterly update with relevant news on the preconstruction technology front.

Register for Workshop

Beck Technology Joins Forces with Advancing Building Estimation 2017 to Present a Pre-Conference Workshop on Driving Change

Registration is open for the Advancing Building Estimation 2017 conference (formerly Estimation Technology for Construction) scheduled for May 22-24 in Houston at the Westin Houston, Memorial City.

Beck Technology is hosting a half-day pre-conference workshop “Why Do We Need Change?” that will explore the factors driving changes in the A/E/C industry. Our team and client speakers will discuss topics from mitigating risks to the expectation of accurate real-time data in a dialogue focused on why we need to change, what it looks like, and who is spearheading the effort.

We are pleased to share the podium and conduct tabletop discussion groups with client speakers including:

  • Ray Miller, Vice President of Preconstruction Services, Balfour Beatty Construction Services US
  • Andy Leek, Director of VDC, Paric Corporation
  • Brent Pilgrim, DESTINI Applications Director, The Beck Group

The workshop will run from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Monday, May 22. Information on the workshop and full conference may be found on the conference website. Early bird registration ends Friday, April 21.

As a reminder, this workshop format replaces our Beck Technology Roundtable this year to enable clients to bundle greater learning and networking as part of a larger conference.

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The Power of DESTINI Profiler – Providing Clarity & Confidence

Steve Loneman, director of preconstruction for LeChase Construction, shared how he used DESTINI Profiler to reprogram and save a large municipal project that faced public scrutiny and a potential 30% budget increase (aka project killer) due to a flawed existing plan and cost model. LeChase’s team knew the proposed project, a 162,000 square foot building with a 450-car garage and $44 million budget, would not fit the approved budget or even physically the proposed site.

The team used DESTINI Profiler to create a visual presentation and cost model of the building, which quickly showed the building as designed would extend into the street and would cost some $57 million as designed. As a further step, the team conducted benchmarking to evaluate average square foot costs for similar municipal projects, some $357 per square foot. The effort validated that the original $266 per square foot budget was unrealistic; however, the city’s capital budget could not sustain the increase. Using Profiler, the LeChase team was able to reprogram the building to make sense and manipulate the model and budget to bring the project in at a more-reasonable $47.3 million.

We invite you to watch the recorded webinar here.

Guest Post: National Benchmarking Study and DESTINI Profiler Model Brings Clarity

Guest post authored by Steve Loneman, Director of Preconstruction at LeChase Construction

ProfilerLeChase Construction recently completed preconstruction services for a municipal building in Durham, North Carolina that faced budgetary challenges.  To support definition of these issues, LeChase utilized DESTINI Profiler.  The project consisted of a 125,000 square-foot building and an 180,000 square-foot parking garage on a 5 acre urban site.

The project had been in planning for a number of years, was the largest building project the municipality had performed to date, it was controversial within the community, and it represented a very large percentage of the municipality’s capital expenditure budget. Read more