Tech Titans 2017 Corporate CTO Michael Boren

Winning the 2017 Tech Titans Corporate CTO Award is a great honor and our Chief Technology Officer Michael Boren received this accolade in August. We recently sat down with Michael to talk about winning the award.

What does winning the Tech Titans Corporate CTO Award mean?

Validation of our team’s efforts and work. It is a nice recognition that what we have worked on as a team is innovative and that our work is not typical and something that others look to. Internally, it is a good nod to the team. Keep doing what we are doing. Beck Technology is on the right track.

Externally, the award validates the company more. Especially for what I was nominated for: Industry Advisory Board, leadership, teams. If I’m on the outside looking in this seems like the type of company I want to do business with because they’ve got a good team, they are listening to their clients, and their processes are being reviewed by a team of peers (other tech companies).

For our clients, it means they made the right choice. One of the reasons Beck Technology won the award was because of our efforts in crowd-sourcing good ideas. The Industry Advisory Board helps us solve problems and make a difference in the construction industry. We didn’t just win it internally but our clients won this award, too.

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A Day in the Life of a Relationship Coordination Manager

Holly Hunt, relationship coordination manager for Beck Technology, helps account executives find general contractors that are a good fit and serves as the first point of contact for companies exploring the DESTINI suite products.  

Before work every day, I have my quiet time and make sure I have some coffee and breakfast. No running or podcasts for me in the morning; coffee and some time with Jesus is all I need.

Mondays tend to go quickly around here. This Monday was probably one of the busiest to date, as we are in the middle of implementing three new technologies to our sales stack. I just wrapped up one of those today.

This Monday started off with a sales meeting including myself; our COO, Stewart; director of marketing and communications, Julie; and account executives, Nicholas and Tyler. Because my role includes inside sales, I spent most of this meeting making sure I’m up to speed on what is happening with outside sales. Tyler and Nicholas both presented on their pipelines (current opportunities) that are set to close this quarter then talked about a few future deals they needed our input on. When they finished, I shared my own updates, which today were about PandaDoc—a new technology we are implementing—and our upcoming scheduled webinar. Read more

A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer III

Software Engineer Duties explained by Mario RosalesMario Rosales, software engineer III for Beck Technology, is part of the Research & Development team and works on new features and functionality of the DESTINI suite products. See how software engineer duties vary greatly in A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer III at Beck Technology.

Software Engineer Duties

It’s Tuesday here at Beck Technology, and my week is off to a good start. As a software engineer for Beck Technology, Software Engineer III to be exact, I’m involved in all aspects of software development – everything from design to testing to maintenance.

The first thing on my to-do list most mornings is to check in with Yvonne, a very bright intern at Beck Technology, to see how her morning is going and if she has any problems she needs help with. After this, I move on to my own work.

Today’s Priority: New user stories

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job at Beck Technology is always feeling like I’m a step ahead in the industry. DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0 hasn’t been released yet and I’m already working on the next update. Today, I’m going over the details for the new user stories assigned to me for the DESTINI Estimator 2017 3.0 release. A new user story is a high-level breakdown of a new feature that will be developed, including an explanation of how the feature will integrate into the existing product.

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A Day in the Life of a Senior Implementation Specialist: A Beck-y Tech Day

Becky Shires, Beck Technology’s senior implementation specialist, works with clients to ensure their implementation of DESTINI® products runs smoothly and on schedule.

Mondays are one of my favorite days at Beck Technology. It’s the day to get back to work, get organized, and plan the rest of the week.

First of all, I absolutely love working in downtown Dallas!  If you’re in construction, there’s no better place to be in DFW to appreciate the old construction and watch the new go up.  We are across the street from the Dallas Museum of Art, and from our windows, can see into its backyard as well as four tower cranes on a new building site close by.

After grabbing a cup of coffee in my Beck mug, I head back to our area and my desk home.  I fire up my laptop and say “Good morning!,” as teammates trickle in.  Read more

A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Advocate

Sandy DamascoSandy Damasco,  Beck Technology’s customer success advocate, focuses on guiding and helping clients achieve maximum value and optimal utilization of their DESTINI Suite product investment. 

Engagement, engagement, engagement. That’s all I think about the moment I step off the DART train at St. Paul Station in downtown Dallas.  My daily mind-set is to establish meaningful engagements with our clients, perpetuate our “client-partner” culture, and add credence to our new customer success advocacy.  At Beck Technology, we believe that our clients are more than accounts, they are our partners. And together, we can revolutionize the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry. As a customer success advocate, I’m our clients’ internal spokesperson and am immediately available to them to support their efforts and needs. This role fits the engineer in me, who is constantly seeking to promote innovation and create efficient processes that lead to consistent results.
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2017 Q1 Recap & Updates

The Beck Technology team, as well as our clients, launched into 2017 with so much vigor and drive that the first quarter flew by at what felt like a record pace. Please find below our quick quarterly update with relevant news on the preconstruction technology front.

Register for Workshop

Beck Technology Joins Forces with Advancing Building Estimation 2017 to Present a Pre-Conference Workshop on Driving Change

Registration is open for the Advancing Building Estimation 2017 conference (formerly Estimation Technology for Construction) scheduled for May 22-24 in Houston at the Westin Houston, Memorial City.

Beck Technology is hosting a half-day pre-conference workshop “Why Do We Need Change?” that will explore the factors driving changes in the A/E/C industry. Our team and client speakers will discuss topics from mitigating risks to the expectation of accurate real-time data in a dialogue focused on why we need to change, what it looks like, and who is spearheading the effort.

We are pleased to share the podium and conduct tabletop discussion groups with client speakers including:

  • Ray Miller, Vice President of Preconstruction Services, Balfour Beatty Construction Services US
  • Andy Leek, Director of VDC, Paric Corporation
  • Brent Pilgrim, DESTINI Applications Director, The Beck Group

The workshop will run from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Monday, May 22. Information on the workshop and full conference may be found on the conference website. Early bird registration ends Friday, April 21.

As a reminder, this workshop format replaces our Beck Technology Roundtable this year to enable clients to bundle greater learning and networking as part of a larger conference.

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A Day in the Life of a Quality Assurance (QA) Manager

Stephanie Greene, a Quality Assurance Manager at Beck Technology, spends her days ensuring DESTINI products perform at the highest standard of preconstruction software.

What does a quality assurance (QA) manager do? If I answer sarcastically, I would say that I spend my days assuring the quality of Beck Technology products. The actual answer is that to ensure our products are operating as they should, I spend my days exterminating software bugs and testing new product features, working with a variety of departments and an international team daily. Read more

A Day in the Life of a Beck Technology Account Executive

Nicholas_HeadshotNicholas Johnson, an Account Executive at Beck Technology, partners with potential DESTINI suite users and assists their teams in structuring implementation.

Last night, I flew from Atlanta to our company headquarters in Dallas. Today, I will accomplish my most important business responsibility: getting to know our clients and potential clients. For me the absolute most important business principle is modeling and living the value of partnership.

The people I do business with will tell you that I often use the term “client-partner” in our meetings and correspondence. It’s an intentional practice to emphasize what I believe our relationship should be. I don’t just want clients; I want to become partners with the firms, estimators, and preconstruction teams that rely on our software.

Partners look out for each other, not just themselves. What is good for me is good for you, what is bad for me is bad for you, what harms you harms me, etc. Clients are simply those who I do business transactions with on a somewhat regular basis. Business transactions are good in and of themselves, but building relationships—partnerships–is fulfilling at a much deeper level. Read more

A Day in the Life of a Director of Marketing & Communications

Julie_HeadshotJulie Huval, director of marketing and communications for Beck Technology, spends her days juggling and loves every minute of it, especially the analytics and digital efforts.

My role as Director of Marketing & Communications involves wearing many hats. I may sport as many as three to four different hats on a daily basis…sometimes multiple at once. Today is one of those days.

As I prepare for an all-day sales meeting with my team, I’m reminded of just how much opportunity lays in store for Beck Technology. In before and after as well as during the planned breaks, I’m actively keeping all the balls rolling.

Allow me to take you through a day in my life with Beck Technology, a typical hat rotation, if you will. Read more

Newsletter Q4

Welcome to a new year full of possibility. It’s hard to believe that we’re already marking the beginning of 2017, as 2016 seemed to fly by at lightning speed.

For this roundup, we have included a few “coming soon” features of note to mark on your calendars.

Save the Date

Please plan to join us at the Advancing Building Estimation 2017 conference (formerly known as Estimation Technology for Construction conference), scheduled for May 24-25 in Houston, Texas, at the Westin Houston, Memorial City.

Beck Technology will host a complimentary, half-day preconference workshop for conference attendees and invitees, in conjunction with the conference. Filled with client speakers, technology insights, and panel discussions, this event will walk through ways to enhance your estimation process with technology. Look for a focus on the need for industry change, as well as a keynote speaker and a panel of owners sharing their ideas of what ideal estimates would look like.

This workshop format will replace our typical spring Beck Technology Roundtable program, allowing attendees to learn from and network with more peers, as well as streamline their travel budgets.

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