The Beck Technology Community: Everything You Want to Know

This webinar, led by Mo Black, Technical Support Analyst at Beck Technology, focuses on the Beck Technology Support Community and getting users acclimated to all the resources that the community has to offer.  However, the Beck Technology Community is also useful for those companies that might be looking at the DESTINI suite of products for potential use in their firm.  There are FAQs, how-to videos, and tips and tricks for Beck Technology’s products.

Monitored by the Beck Technology staff, the community is a place to get proactive support.  It is a participation community, where staff and other users work together to assist each other in the day-to-day use of DESTINI Profiler and Estimator.

You are encouraged to join the community! In so doing, you will be notified when there are updates, new features in DESTINI applications, and new uploaded video content.  It’s a great way to learn more about the products, as well as helping other users.  Beck Technology also encourages users to post their ideas for product enhancements which are reviewed by staff and developers for possible inclusion in a future release.

How do you access our community?  Go to our website: and use the link there.  Or, head right over to the community: to ask questions and get registered!

Watch the full webinar HERE for more about navigating the community.