We’re leading the way to smarter, faster preconstruction processes and decisions.

At Beck Technology, a software and services company for the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry, our mandate is innovation. For over 20 years, we’ve applied technology and disruptive thinking to fundamentally rework the commercial construction conceptual modeling and estimating process to deliver greater value for firms and end clients. Founded in 1996, Beck Technology has developed innovative solutions aimed at integrating interdisciplinary data into innovative software solutions enabling project teams to make better, smarter, more informed decisions.

Our mission is to revolutionize the A/E/C industry by fundamentally re-thinking the delivery process, resulting in order-of-magnitude improvements in value.

Our DESTINI software suite is purpose-built for the construction industry by construction experts. Our company began as an internal effort within The Beck Group to better leverage technology in delivering projects (the infancy of the Macro BIM term we use today); we quickly became our own entity to better deliver on our mission to revolutionize the A/E/C industry by opening up our technology platform to others.

People To Know


Executive Chairman

As Executive Chairman and co-founder of Beck Technology, Peter works closely with our management team in developing business and product strategy, exploring management issues and opportunities with our COO, prospecting and developing partners, and publicly encouraging the AEC industry to adopt innovative technologies to deliver transformative value to customers. Peter has written a variety of trade magazine articles and delivered many presentations to AEC groups articulating the benefits of integrating the AEC disciplines and relying upon such technologies.



As leader of Beck Technology Stewart runs all aspects of the corporation, corporate strategy and vision, and continually evangelizes the use of our technology. He has been a lead A/E/C technologist for well over a decade and continually speaks on the integration of cost and scoping technologies to owners and developers. Stewart serves as key note speaker for various trade shows, conferences and councils, and is an expert on A/E/C technology and its application in the marketplace.


Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer, Michael directs the product strategy and technology vision for all of Beck Technology’s products and manages the departments responsible for software development, quality assurance, technical support, as well as customer engagement.  As a 20 year veteran in construction and technology, Michael has a passion for innovation and a deep caring for revolutionizing the construction industry.


Director of Marketing and Communications

Julie oversees marketing and communications for Beck Technology. She joined the company in 2012 and works alongside each department, client, and industry partner to inform the marketplace on preconstruction and estimating technology. Julie is a national speaker on business, marketing, and technology.


Vice President of Sales

Tyler directs the development of sales strategy and manages revenue growth. He is responsible for leading a team that is passionate about working with clients to solve challenges in their estimating and preconstruction workflows that can be improved through the implementation of the DESTINI suite.  

Stephen Stoltz


Manager of Implementation Services

Stephen started with Beck Technology in 2005 and is responsible for leading the efforts of the client service group.  Prior to working in the client service group, he spent several years implementing the DESTINI suite within various federal government agencies.


Product Manager

As Product Manager at Beck Technology, Jonathan is responsible for managing the teams responsible for developing the software in our DESTINI suite of products. He has been working with and managing software teams specifically targeting the A/E/C industry for over 10 years.


Business Development Manager

Slavyk joined Beck Technology in 2018 and lets innovation drive his approach to solutions for his clients. He works closely with the sales development representatives to help discover alignment between Beck Technology software and general contractors. Slavyk builds relationships and adds value to prospects evaluating DESTINI suite products.


Account Executive

Cheyanne collaborates with potential clients who could benefit from Beck Technology's solutions. She works with companies to understand their pre-construction workflows and leads them through the buying process of the DESTINI suite of products.


Account Executive

Bijan is innovative in his solutions and approach to client’s problems. He is responsible for working with potential clients to help identify if Beck Technology's preconstruction technology is the right choice. He integrates his work between sales and marketing to deliver concise messaging and bring value to prospects as they explore the DESTINI suite.


Account Executive

Connor works hands-on with potential clients to understand their needs and how they can benefit from Beck Technology’s DESTINI suite of products. He collaborates with them through each stage of the evaluation process to determine if Beck Technology is the right solution.


Business Development Representative

Zach is passionate in his approach to understanding client problems. He cultivates relationships with potential clients and identifies if Beck Technology’s preconstruction is a good fit. Zach’s innovative approach in applying marketing with sales helps deliver value to prospects exploring the DESTINI suite products.  


Manager of Professional Services

Doug is responsible for organizational support services including educational and planning services. He is an expert user, developing project models in the DESTINI suite. Doug currently lectures at numerous colleges and presents to trade associations and partners on the features and use of the DESTINI suite and also on changes in the industry.


Sr. Implementation Specialist

As an Senior Implementation Specialist, Casey is involved in new client education and ongoing customer support. He works with both the Professional Services group and the Account Executives in an effort to embrace our customers’ needs as his own.


Sr. Implementation Specialist

Josh comes to Beck Technology with experience in project estimation and software implementation.  In his role on the services team, he is responsible for the successful implementation of the DESTINI suite.


Implementation Specialist 

As a member of the Implementation team, Dan has a passion for customer success and ensuring they have the tools and workflows in place to achieve their goals. From Implementation to custom reports, he has the skills necessary to tackle anything our clients throw at him.


Technical Solutions Analyst 

Mourace joined Beck Technology in 2016 and is responsible for the technical support of the DESTINI suite. He works closely with the Services Department and development team to create a wide range of innovative deliverables including interactive reports and intelligent databases.


Account Based Marketer

Holly joined Beck Technology in 2012 and manages domestic exposure to the DESTINI suite of products.  She works closely with the Account Executives and helps discover alignment between Beck Technology and general contractors as well as serving as the first point of contact in the exploration of the DESTINI suite of products.

Company Culture

Explore Beck Technology's core values of passion, innovation, and caring as well as company culture on the culture page.


2016 Celebrated 20th anniversary for company; 10th anniversary for DESTINI Profiler
2015 Launched DESTINI Estimator to public
2014 Launched DESTINI Estimator for Sundt Construction internally
2013 Began development on DESTINI Estimator
2012 Launched DESTINI Profiler in Brazil and Korea
2011 Signed international reseller agreements for Brazil and Korea
2009 Awarded GSA BIM IDIQ
2008 Launched consulting services group
2006 Launched DESTINI Profiler to public
2005 Launched DESTINI Profiler for The Beck Group internally
2004 Began development on DESTINI Profiler
2003 Created DESTINI design tool
2002 Adapted DESTINI for AT&T central offices
2001 Used DESTINI for Radioshack headquarters
2000 Secured patent approval by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
2000 Used DESTINI for SBC Pinnacle Park
2000 Acquired intellectual property rights to Reflex from PTC
1997 Introduced and started DESTINI
1996 Formed Beck Technology, Ltd.


2013 Construction Computing Awards Finalist
2012 Constructech Vision Award
2009 Constructech Top Product Award
2007 Editors’ Choice Top 100 Products

DESTINI Profiler: Used by 40% of the ENR Top 400 General Contractors