A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Advocate

Sandy DamascoSandy Damasco,  Beck Technology’s customer success advocate, focuses on guiding and helping clients achieve maximum value and optimal utilization of their DESTINI Suite product investment. 

Engagement, engagement, engagement. That’s all I think about the moment I step off the DART train at St. Paul Station in downtown Dallas.  My daily mind-set is to establish meaningful engagements with our clients, perpetuate our “client-partner” culture, and add credence to our new customer success advocacy.  At Beck Technology, we believe that our clients are more than accounts, they are our partners. And together, we can revolutionize the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry. As a customer success advocate, I’m our clients’ internal spokesperson and am immediately available to them to support their efforts and needs. This role fits the engineer in me, who is constantly seeking to promote innovation and create efficient processes that lead to consistent results.

Engagements, Relationships, and More Engagements

Most days, my focus is on the essential, small victories that multiply to make a big impact on our clients, our company, and the industry as a whole. Incremental success is engrained in our company culture because we know “in-between” steps produce the final product and small gestures form enduring client partnerships. Therefore, a successful day for me is one in which a problem is solved, a question is answered, or a new engagement is initiated.  A successful week means receiving an email or phone call and having a client say, “Thanks, Sandy, that was very helpful!”  This simple response is really for everyone at Beck Technology, as satisfying a client engagement often involves other Beck team members as well.

One of my top priorities every day is the development of a “client-partner” culture that expects a partnership with Beck Technology to continually add value to a client in alignment with their business needs, and strengthens the opportunity for a long-term relationship.  To support that development, I initiate one or more outbound engagements daily, such as submitting a “Tip of the Week” to our Community, sharing targeted and customized information, creating content for product awareness, providing accessibility to instructional or application videos, communicating present and future product development activities, or repurposing internal product discoveries for all clients to benefit from.

Customer Success: The Enabler

I make a concentrated effort to inform our clients that I’m a free resource focused solely on maximizing value and optimizing product utilization for their company, not a salesman.  I strive each day for customer success to be the enabler for a long term “client-partner” relationship. When a client can see tangible differences in productivity after implementing one of our products, a door opens to the partnership we look to have with every client. And when our clients succeed, we know what we are fulfilling our mission to help project teams “work smarter, not harder.” I’m honored to be the client liaison as we build client-partner relationships together.

My role as customer service advocate really boils down to this: I hope that my daily endeavors provide a stream of reliable information and content to clients that leads to a simple, “Thanks, Sandy, that was very helpful!”