A Day in the Life of a Beck Technology Account Executive

Nicholas_HeadshotNicholas Johnson, an Account Executive at Beck Technology, partners with potential DESTINI suite users and assists their teams in structuring implementation.

Last night, I flew from Atlanta to our company headquarters in Dallas. Today, I will accomplish my most important business responsibility: getting to know our clients and potential clients. For me the absolute most important business principle is modeling and living the value of partnership.

The people I do business with will tell you that I often use the term “client-partner” in our meetings and correspondence. It’s an intentional practice to emphasize what I believe our relationship should be. I don’t just want clients; I want to become partners with the firms, estimators, and preconstruction teams that rely on our software.

Partners look out for each other, not just themselves. What is good for me is good for you, what is bad for me is bad for you, what harms you harms me, etc. Clients are simply those who I do business transactions with on a somewhat regular basis. Business transactions are good in and of themselves, but building relationships—partnerships–is fulfilling at a much deeper level.

Practicing Partnership on the JobNicholas training

This week I’m collaborating with six individuals from two firms attending our two-day training class on the DESTINI Profiler solution for conceptual cost estimating. As you can see from the workshop photo, we had a mix of young construction professionals and seasoned veterans who have built billions of dollars in projects. The classes provide a wonderful atmosphere to get to know folks. Over the next two days, I will be able to ask them a lot of questions about what makes them tick, what makes their company or job different from others…and what makes their role challenging or frustrating.

I’ll spend a great deal of time listening, learning, and developing ideas about how we can be a better partner to them. Then together we can create plans to help grow everyone’s businesses and improve our day-to-day product and product experience.

The Benefits of True Partnership

The cynic would say all of this is just another way to get more or larger transactions. While true partnership does lead to business, it is so much more. For example, in 2016 we performed more than 20 formal evaluations with current partners and prospective partners. The primary intent was to help these firms make informed decisions about their estimating platform and processes and how a technology solution might impact their businesses. These two-week exchanges worked very well, with a great majority of engagements resulting in more business for Beck Technology in terms of firms rolling out our solutions. And as to be expected, a few resulted in the prospective partner or our team making an informed decision not to move forward at that time.

I found an unintended consequence to these efforts that proves my premise about the value of partnering. These engagements, which we refer to as an “Exploration Project,” gave us an opportunity to ask those individuals what matters most and why it matters. We listened to responses and later, after further consideration and planning, incorporated dozens and dozens of suggestions into the next release of our DESTINI Estimator solution. The end result is a better solution for estimators and the industry as a whole. And, some of those individuals even expressed a bit of pride of ownership to see their product suggestions were now a reality.

I have the best job in the world. I work for a great company, with a great group of individuals, and I spend my days telling our story and listening to yours.