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Beck Technology has developed focused training programs to help our customers quickly become proficient users of our products. We offer standard and custom training classes:


• At your site

• Over the Web

• At Beck Technology HQ (Dallas, TX)


Dprofiler™ Base Training Course

This 2-day boot camp style course is recommended for all new users of DProfiler™ software. Beck Technology trainers provide a fast paced environment for learning the base level costing and 3D modeling for users be able to build upon.


Dprofiler™ Intermediate Training Course

This 2-day intensive course is a fast paced learning experience where intermediate modeling and costing techniques are practiced to tackle most project types a user may experience. All attendees must pass a prerequisite entrance exam. The DProfiler™ base class is recommended prior to taking intermediate course.


Dprofiler™ Executive Training Course

This 4-hour semi hands-on course is recommended for all executives and decision makers who wish to experience the basics of DProfiler™ software. Beck Technology trainers provide a comprehensive walkthrough building 3D models while costing is automatically accumulated in the background via an RSMeans database.


Dynamic Help System

Dprofiler™ is equipped with a help guide that dynamically adapts to show relevant information to the user based on the tool and view selected. The Dynamic Help System contains step-by-step instructions, descriptions, and show-me video clips.


Mentoring Program

The ultimate training experience is provided when learning under the tutelage of an expert user. Beck Technology's Mentoring Program is for users who have passed the Base Training Class and are ready to take their abilities to the next level. Bring your own project and join our services staff at Beck Technology's headquarters for upmost strategic and tactical assistance.


Help Videos

Beck Technology continually adds help videos answering frequently asked questions and offering user tips.

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The DProfiler training was first class and I learned more than just how to use DProfiler. Thanks to Beck Technology for such a great commitment and contribution in elevating the quality of education in the construction industry ... more


Dr. Shariar (Yar) Makarechi, PE

Southern Polytechnic State University