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Below is a selection of testimonials that prove Beck Technology is revolutionizing the built environment.


​William S. Derence, MBA,CM-BIM, LEED AP O+M, Mascaro Construction Company, LP   www.mascaroconstruction.com

Beck Technology's customer service is second to none!


Jodi Williams, AICP, LEED AP ID+C, HOK   www.hok.com

"Many thanks to Beck Technology for their cost estimating services as part of HOK’s workplace requirements project for GSA/HHS Administration for Community Living. The end user is extremely happy with the overall project, process and the team. Special kudos are due to Mark Godfrey and Stephen Stoltz for their excellent customer service to both HOK and the end user."


Tim Blood, Sundt Construction, Inc.   www.sundt.com

"DProfiler™ is the future of conceptual estimating. This is a 'napkin-sketch-level' estimating program that allows us to begin with little more than an owner's ideas and the square footage of the project and we build from there, answering all the 'what if' questions to see how they affect cost and fit within the budget. The program provides not only a detailed estimate to the owner, but also a 3-D model of something that maybe they couldn't picture before. A huge advantage of the program is that it enables a project team to make intelligent design decisions before any investment has been made in design. We can set design parameters, which the owner can carry forward into design. This ensures that the project comes in under budget, and it also eliminates re-design. When we're done, the owner can go to their architect and know what they can afford and what their building looks like."


David Kim, AIA, TMW & Associates   tmwandassociates.com

"DProfiler™ has provided us a tool to use especially with the changing dynamics of this economy and in the design-build process. With clients increasingly needing to know the overall impact of costs for a project to line up feasibility and financing, Dprofiler™ is giving us another valuable way to work with prospective clients to help educate, develop and build their projects."


Claude Eudaric, Eudacorp (formerly Apex Cost Consultants)   apexcost.com

"DProfiler™ has become a tremendous added value service that we have been providing to our AEC clients for the past year and a half. With Beck Technology's industry and technical expertise, we have saved many government projects from the brink of 'Cancellation due to Budget Issues'."


Eric J. Kutche, MHA, MBA, AIA, HMC Architects   hmcarchitects.com

"As a planning tool, Dprofiler™ delivers! This powerful software solution will make the process of order of magnitude estimating obsolete. Dprofiler™'s intuitive drawing tools enable even the computer novice to generate smart design models that address aesthetic and financial properties of a potential project in real time. Dprofiler™ combines the power of computer-aided 3D modeling with the intelligence of a room full of cost estimators and business planners into one, easy to use, software solution."


Rick J. Kelley, VJ Engineering   www.vjengineering.com

"I have been amazed at how quickly the Dprofiler™ team has helped with ideas, when a client asks us to solve a cost estimating problem. This is superior customer service that you do not get from other application software. To quickly switch from building materials and assembly helps the client to be confident to decide on a future design project. We really believe that Dprofiler™ will open new markets areas for us and give us an edge on the competition."


Chris Seth, The Beck Group   www.beckgroup.com

"DProfiler™ wasn't just created to reduce time and costs, but also to drive informed design from the beginning. From a Developer's perspective, DProfiler can help you make pertinent decisions upfront that can result in a go or no-go decision, or drastically increase or decrease profitability. In a recent feasibility study in Ft. Worth, we had a project that was questionable, due to the high price of land. We used DProfiler to model different building sizes, shapes, and construction methods to determine 1) if any project would be profitable, and 2) what size and type of project would be most profitable. By quickly working multiple scenarios, we were able to find a solution that met everyone's needs and is a financially viable project. Had we taken the traditional path of designing and then costing, our architects' concept schemes actually would have proved to be too expensive and would have killed the deal."


Andy Hill, DPR Construction   www.dpr.com

"DProfiler absolutely adds value to the Target Value Design process.  It allows an individual to quickly test many options for a building early in the preconstruction process without requiring the design team to produce a lot of detail."


Mike Gant, Suffolk Construction   www.suffolkconstruction.com

"We needed a database for DProfiler that was more in line with our estimate format.  We met with Beck Technology’s support team and discussed different strategies.  The support team developed a means to import our company estimating database into DProfiler.  In a week we were ready to start using the software with our own estimating data.  In addition, Beck Technology met with us bi-weekly to give us a hand in developing our building types in DProfiler.  Their assistance was invaluable in guiding us in the right direction.  We now have several building types developed and have become much more efficient in the process."


Lars-Erik Larsen, Clark Builders   www.clarkbuilders.com

"Working with DProfiler has been very easy and intuitive, Beck Technology has built a remarkable estimating and preconstruction tool that helps everyone involved in the preconstruction process better understand and communicate assumptions relating to the project. Also, Beck Technology’s training and support are top tier, whenever we had an issue with implementation/training/ or operating, they were just a phone call away.  They really went above and beyond the call of duty.”


Dr. Shariar (Yar) Makarechi, PE, Southern Polytechnic State University   www.spsu.edu

"The DProfiler training was first class and I learned more than just how to use DProfiler. Thanks to Beck Technology for such a great commitment and contribution in elevating the quality of education in the construction industry."


Craig Mulliniks, CPE, LEED GA, Lend Lease   www.lendlease.com

"The Beck Technology support team has never failed to resolve any issue and takes a personal interest in not only solving the matter, but equipping the end user with essential knowledge.  Their patience and professionalism are always noted and very much appreciated.  DProfiler has enhanced every aspect of my products and has literally changed my delivery approach. I anticipate our company, Lend Lease, will continue to grow with your software."

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