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Implementation Plan for DESTINI Profiler

Beck Technology has a thorough implementation plan for DESTINI software users to become super users in the least amount of time as possible.


Duration: 1-2 Hours

  • Includes executive management, business development, preconstruction, estimators, and BIM staff
  • Determine primary users, secondary users and others involved
  • Establish a single point of responsibility for implementation

Duration: 3 Days

  • 2 day hands-on training for all primary and secondary users
  • Typically attended in Dallas or via web (also available on client site)
  • Pass examination
  • 1 day of coaching on old or current project applying techniques from training

Duration: 2-3 Weeks

  • Model strategy discussion
  • Past or current project: model with no costs and learn how to apply costs + use parameters to quantify cost items
  • Create deliverable

Duration: 2-4 Days

  • 1-on-1 or small group coaching customized around specific topics
  • Typically attended on client site or in Dallas
  • Includes: tips and best practices, modules, advanced database and project services
Prepare to "Go Live"

Duration: weeks-months

  • Customer specific
  • Typically involves defining:
    • Branding of outputs from DESTINI Profiler
    • Where the database is located
    • Protocols for maintaining and updating your database
    • Protocols for quality control
Support & Engagement

Duration: continuous

  • Setup monthly phone calls with super user or product champion
  • Discuss usage, challenges, successes and where help is needed
  • Share DESTINI Profiler tips/tricks and software updates