More Options, Better Predictability, Less Time




More intelligent facility planning is possible. No longer do you have to make important building decisions based on uninformed guesswork.


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Gain Competitive Advantage, Deliver More Value




In today's information age, people expect information in real time and guesswork is no longer accepted. The need to integrate information into early design decision making is higher than ever and those who have it are more valuable and influential.


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Improve Precon Quality/Speed,

Win More Work




"Go-to" preconstruction experts often become "go-to" builders. Your goal is to be THE expert who owners contact and you need to maximize the workload you can handle. DProfiler™ from Beck Technology will provide you with a significant boost on both counts.


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DProfiler has become a tremendous added value service that we have been providing to our AEC clients for the past year and a half … more


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