Not Just 3D but True Integration in All Dimensions


Approximately 70% of data that drives project scope, schedule and budget is set during the planning and early design phases of a project, yet in most cases decisions that will impact the likely success of a project are being made without knowing the full affects. To make matters worse these decisions are often made without input from the disciplines who understand the ramification of the decision. Mainstream BIM technologies are designed from the perspective of a single discipline and do not show the ramification of a decision across all aspects of the project.


Our technology approaches this problem differently; instead of having to have specialized tools and specialized users, to do specialized analysis, we have created a simple to use integrated decision making technology called Dprofiler™.


DProfiler™ is based around the simple idea, that by creating quick low fidelity graphical models tied in real-time to detailed underlying project data such as cost, energy, cut and fill, revenue, etc., users can make better more informed decisions at the point that elements are introduced into the model. Further, because the model is tied to data, making changes to the model means that you can very rapidly do "what-if" scenarios and know the ramifications of your changes in real-time.


Our technology is easy to learn, quick to use, and enables you to create accurate data to describe the projects, scope, schedule, and budget.

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Timothy Blood, LEED AP

Sundt Construction