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DProfiler™ Project Experience

After its commercial release late in 2006, DProfiler has been used on hundreds of projects each year by some of the world's leading construction, architecture, and owner organizations.

6 Houston St.

Building Type: Office | DProfiler was utilized to assist the client in developing an early and accurate conceptual cost estimate for the project. The client had at least two major general contractors working toward the same goal. Working with highly conceptual documents, which included only concept floor plans and early architectural sketches, a cost model was created and presented to the client. Upon reviewing the cost model the client informed us that we were within 3% of the accompanying GC estimates. At around $100 million dollars this confirmation gave the client comfort in knowing that they had a solid budget for a signature project. Additionally, the model was able to help clarify a discrepancy in overall Gross Square Footage for the project.



Mixed Use Dallas

Building Type: Mixed Use | This mixed use project entailed every occupancy imaginable including condo units, rental units, office space, retail space, a parking structure and central plan. The client requested a DProfiler model for the purposes of confirming an already established budget, for a project that was struggling to move forward. Working with only architectural renderings of the project as well as schematic floor plans, a cost model was developed within 5 days of receipt of that information. Upon receipt of the cost estimate it was confirmed that the $85 million dollar price tag was too much to continue moving forward with the project.



Mixed Use Ft. Worth

Building Type: Mixed Use | An urban revitalization project of a brown-field site in historic Fort Worth, TX was taken on with DProfiler to evaluate two different architectural design concepts in an effort to determine the feasibility of this client’s proforma.







TXARNG - Ft. Bliss, TX

Building Type: Office | Much the same way the military utilizes parachute drops to deliver people, equipment, and supplies, DProfiler was parachuted into this National Guard project to help communicate the cost of the project in terms that the project team could work with. Designing one building with two separate budgets created the perfect scenario for DProfiler to visually communicate the various cost allocations on the project. Months later, at bid day, the DProfiler check estimate created at the Schematic Design level was within 5% of the awarded contract.

DProfiler on a GSA project

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