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DProfiler™ is available with several modules that add specific sets of functionality to the base program.


Energy Analysis Module







With the added functionality of the DProfiler™ Energy Analysis Module, DProfiler™ can be used to compute first cost, operating costs and life cycle costs of a proposed concept. Based on the eQUEST Energy Analysis platform, the DProfiler™ Energy Analysis Module uses weather data based on project zip code, building shape, number of floors, cladding insulation and shading coefficients, electrical and lighting loads, etc. to compute building block and peak loads. Based on the computed block and peak loads, correctly sized mechanical and electrical equipment is selected for the type of building and used within the concepts first cost analysis. The electrical requirements of the selected equipment and the cost per kw/h and kBtu/h is then used to compute operating costs, which coupled with the first cost are used to compute the Life Cycle cost of the concept.


Sage Timberline Office Integration Module









The added functionality of the DProfiler Sage Timberline Office Integration Module enables users to leverage their own proprietary Sage Timberline Office Assemblies and Line Items within DProfiler. This module permits browsing of existing Sage Timberline Office data in DProfiler, automatic takeoff of assemblies and line items based on what the user draws, automatic Sage Timberline Office estimate generation.


Site3D Module








The DProfiler™ Site3D Module enables rapid what-if decisions on, site selection, building and site item location and orientation, changes to the building pad and site item elevations. This module enables rapid configuration of the site and determines the cut and fill costs associated with a grading plan, and sub soil utilities. This module enables users to import topography from Google Earth and CAD, define geotechnical information and set the grades of site items and buildings. This module enables users to clearly communicate theIr assumptions related to the biggest unknown on a project; the site, and the cost ramifications associated with these.


Sequencing Module








The DProfiler™ Sequencing Module enables project teams to quickly and easily combine time and cost to a 3D model in a single, standalone application.

• Study energy costs earlier

• Optimize orientation relative to exposure

• Analyze cost impact of green initiatives

• Calculate HVAC first costs and operating costs

• Export energy simulation to eQUEST

• Use your own database

• 3D model drives quantities

• Extremely fast

• Export .PEE file at any point

• Rapidly define proposed site grading plans

• Dynamically compute cut and fill quantities and costs

• Define and estimate the cost of sub soil utilities

• Start in Google Earth or import existing topo from CAD file

• Rapidly create a cost-loaded simulation of the construction sequence

• Communicate and coordinate master plan phasing clashes

• Explore and study sequencing what-ifs

• Display earned value or cash flow throughout sequencing timeframe

• Bi-directional with Microsoft Excel

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