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Stewart Carroll,Chief Operating Officer

Stewart joined Beck Technology in 2000 as part of Beck's acquisition of Pro Reflex from PTC. Stewart was one of the lead designers of the original Reflex technology that PTC purchased from Reflex Systems in the UK. As leader of Beck Technology he runs all aspects of the corporation, corporate strategy and vision, and continually evangelizes the use of our technology. He has been a lead AEC technologist for well over a decade and continually speaks on the integration of cost and scoping technologies to owners and developers. Stewart serves as key note speaker for various trade shows, conferences and councils,and is an expert on AEC technology and its application in the marketplace. He received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.


Michael Boren, Director of Research and Development

Michael joined The Beck Group in 1998 and serves as a member of the Beck Technology leadership team. As the Director of Research and Development, he directs the product strategy and technology vision for all of Beck Technology’s products which include the DESTINI suite of offerings: Profiler, Estimator, Optioneer, and Data Manager.  Michael was personally responsible for bringing to market the DESTINI Estimator software as well as DESTINI Optioneer service offering.  He manages the business line for any new technology introduced by Beck Technology until it has become established in the marketplace.  In addition, Michael manages the product teams responsible for development, testing (including distributed teams in India), maintenance, and technical support for Beck Technology’s products.  He is extremely passionate about creating new technology to revolutionize the A/E/C industry and making a positive difference in the built environment.  Michael graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering.


Brent Pilgrim, Director of Services

Brent joined The Beck Group in 2001 to work with their integrated services group. He has worked on multiple projects in varying capacities from construction project management and estimating, to architectural design development, construction document production, and construction administration. In 2006, he began working with Beck Technology as a practitioner of the company's software and now manages a consulting group offering cost modeling services using Dprofiler™. He has participated in numerous projects and worked with a variety of clients both private and public. Brent graduated from Texas A&M University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree and in 2001 with a master's degree in Construction Science.


Douglas Maiden, Manager of Professional Services

Doug joined Beck Technology in 1998. He is currently responsible for organizational support services, including educational services, planning services, product delivery, and customer support. Doug also functions as an expert user, developing project models in applications currently developed by Beck Technology. Doug received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Illinois Institute of Technology. He currently lectures at numerous colleges and presents to trade associations, partners, and prospects on the features and use of the Beck Technology offering and also on changes in the industry.

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