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DProfiler™ is an industry acclaimed technology that helps facilitate more informed decision making, target value design, integrated project delivery, and lean methodology.  Notable product features include:


Simple and Easy to Use 3D Modeling

Most users experience a very short learning curve even with little or no experience in CAD or other BIM applications.


Flexible Data Consumption

DProfiler™ is built with the flexibility to use data from many sources such as Google Earth, Timberline, MC2, Excel, PDF, AutoCAD, Revit, and many others.


Multiple Project Starting Points

Although DProfiler™ is most known for building design and cost analysis from an early sketch or CAD file, it can do much more.  For example, models can be generated from a space program or even a Revit model.


Customizable Reporting

New in 2012, Beck Technology added the ability to develop custom reports in DProfiler™.  This means that users can create a report to match what they produced prior to deploying DProfiler™, customer logo it, or even create reports to gather special data on the project.


Integrated Analysis

Sometimes the best solution is not intuitive even for the most experienced experts.  One of the most unique features of DProfiler™ is the integration of multiple disciplines. This allows the users to understand and communicate trade-offs across disciplines in a way that simplifies the problem. Concurrently analyze dirt work, energy costs, schedule, exterior enclosure, structure, parking … all in one place.

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Beck Technology met with us bi-weekly to give us a hand in developing our building types in DProfiler.  Their assistance was invaluable in guiding us in the right direction ... more


Mike Gant

Suffolk Construction