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Beck Technology provides a range of planning support services based on the use of our Macro BIM solutions, which can support your existing planning process including model based:


Cost Estimating

Beck Technology’s services team will use our technology to address the communication gap between design and cost with the quickest and most effective means available. This allows all parties to be involved in real-time collaborative sessions to evaluate project options and foster a cohesive approach to determining the most accurate cost estimates based on agreed upon underlying project assumptions.


• visualize project cost in real-time as they correlate to architectural design intent

• analyze design alternatives during the planning and early design phases

• reduce assumption gap between the owner, the architect, and the contractor



Beck Technology’s construction sequencing team can assist in developing construction schedules tied to Macro models that enable visualization for both the building and site elements and their costs over time.


• associate model elements with construction tasks

• rapidly simulate the construction sequence

• real-time modifications to the construction activities or elements

• deliver plausible ramifications of changes

• graphically compare multiple schedules to determine the most appropriate strategy


Site Analysis

Beck Technology’s site analysis team can assist at the earliest phases of a project to evaluate the appropriateness of a particular site or after the site’s purchase to maximize the use of the site.


• assemble a Macro model representing a proposed concept

• evaluate the impact on site cut and fill, site ponding and runoff, site utilities, parking, circulation, and building position

• eliminate inefficient sites and site schemes that minimizes investments in site due diligence


Energy Simulation

Beck Technology’s sustainability team can help you minimize the energy impact of a proposed project scheme by evaluating building materials, site selection, and unique project variables.


• assemble Macro models based on the project’s needs and set defaults for items in the model that impact energy such as insulation, shading coefficients, electrical loads, etc.

• use the Energy Simulation feature in Dprofiler™ to determine both the first cost and the operating costs of the proposed scheme

• determine the efficiency of proposed schemes

• provide options to reduce the overall energy consumption of schemes

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We used DProfiler to model different building sizes, shapes, and construction methods to determine 1) if any project would be profitable, and 2) what size and type of project would be most profitable. By quickly working multiple scenarios, we were able to find a solution that met everyone's needs and is a financially viable project ... more


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