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The Macro Building Information Model (BIM)


There are a large number of new AEC software technologies focusing on specific roles and disciplines that do not allow for complete design integration.  DProfiler™ is the unique solution because it facilitates rapid model creation and real-time analysis across all disciplines.


The idea behind DProfiler™ is simple; when a 3D model is created the software gives instant feedback on data such as cost, energy, lifecycle, cut and fill, and schedule.   Users can evaluate trade-offs across disciplines to find the best overall solution.  DProfiler™ is easy to learn and use, even for those with no prior modeling experience.


With DProfiler™, you will be able to clearly understand and communicate virtually any project data in real time empowering the project team to make fully informed decisions. Click here to see more DProfiler details.

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As a planning tool, DProfiler delivers! This powerful software solution will make the process of order of magnitude estimating obsolete ... more


Eric J. Kutche, MHA, MBA, AIA

HMC Architects