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Beck Technology’s consulting services often start with DProfiler™ but go beyond this tool.  With experienced experts in design, construction, and software development, Beck Technology is able to provide high value consulting services throughout the building lifecycle.  Beck Technology’s team believes in using “best in class” technology from a variety of vendors to achieve maximum value for clients.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) consulting services range from model creation, model review, contract document development (i.e. owner and contractor BIM execution documents), project team coordination and management, and laser scanning among others.  Click below to read more BIM services using specific technologies.  We encourage you to contact us to learn how we can help you on your project.



DProfiler™ is our preferred application to help the project teams visualize, cost and analyze design alternatives during the planning and conceptual design process. Often times, budgets are not in-line with the intent of the project from the beginning of the design process due to the assumption gap between the owner, the architect, and the contractor. Many of these gaps are rarely recognized until a full budget is developed and re-aligning these assumptions is too costly to the project. DProfiler™ was developed specifically to address this communication gap between conceptual design and conceptual estimating with the quickest and most effective means available to the project team. The tool also allows a rapid assembly and comparison of multiple preliminary design models with real-time cost estimating and energy analysis generated simultaneously. This allows all parties to be involved in real-time collaborative sessions to evaluate project options and foster a team atmosphere in making those decisions. Our services team can provide cost estimating, site logistics planning, phasing, and value engineering with DProfiler™.



Beck Technology has extensive experience using Revit on design and construction projects to accurately document the project in a detailed BIM. We have developed modeling standards and BIM content, and utilize standardized levels of detail specifically to create an appropriate BIM process that responds to the project needs. This experience allows us to create exceptionally detailed Revit models of the architectural scope that are also highly functional as construction oriented BIM.



Estimating a highly detailed model requires an understanding of the BIM process to enable accurate handling of the data to be extracted from a model. Innovaya’s Visual Estimating was one of the first tools designed with this process in mind. This tool acts as a bridge between a model and a detailed cost estimating platform such as Timberline. The application combines a 3D interface to explore and evaluate the model, an estimating centric interface for extracting quantities from the model, and system for developing mappings between the BIM and the cost assemblies in the database. Used effectively, this program can facilitate a variety of advanced cost analyses of the design team’s BIM including design change cost comparisons and evaluation of multiple design schemes at a highly detailed level. More importantly, it allows experienced estimators to focus their time on quality control and cost verification instead of quantity takeoff leading to more accurate estimates.


Navisworks - Simulate

For scheduling, Beck Technology has experience using a variety of scheduling applications and can combine these schedules with the design or fabrication Building Information Models within Navisworks Simulate. A visual schedule like this can be used to help all project team members visualize the construction sequence of the project and to illustrate the intent behind delivery and installation dates as they relate to other trades and the schedule as a whole. We also use these schedules to help identify potential schedule conflicts in 3D and to look for opportunities to optimize the project schedule.


Navisworks - Clash Detection

Revit models can also be leveraged in Navisworks Manage for coordination and clash detection by combining the architectural, structural, and MEP models. Beginning this process in the design phase facilitates a more fully coordinated document set, resulting in a shorter and more effective coordination process with subcontractors. As these subcontractors become involved, we will replace any design models in Navisworks with the fabrication models required from subcontractors. MEP, fire protection, and any structural steel are all areas that we expect to receive 3D fabrication models for this purpose. In projects where local subcontractors lack experience with 3D modeling, we have trained these companies by providing basic information on the process and mentor them to meet goals for the project.


Laser Scanning

We have utilized laser scanning and other scanning technologies to supplement our BIM processes in a variety of ways. We have used Laser Scanners for capturing as-built conditions on existing interiors and exteriors, for creating Building Information Models of the same facilities, and as a verification system during construction to ensure that subcontractors are installing their scope per the fabrications models. We have used both the models constructed from the laser scanning files and the native point clouds themselves in Navisworks for coordination and comparisons.

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DProfiler absolutely adds value to the Target Value Design process.  It allows an individual to quickly test many options for a building early in the preconstruction process without requiring the design team to produce a lot of detail ... more


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