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DProfiler™ is the most comprehensive project analysis tool in the building design and construction industry. Notable benefits to the project team include:


Lower Risk/Improve Predictability

DProfiler's combined visual + data modeling capabilities provide a major breakthrough in predictability. Formulas drive costs on each system based on the specific design, materials, site conditions, phasing, and other parameters that produce much more accurate information in a given time period.


Better Communication

DProfiler gives the team a clearer way to review the proposed design and understand the assumptions and the cost drivers. Less will fall through the cracks and the team will have better alignment of scope, cost, and schedule.


Rapid Alternatives

DProfiler uniquely provides data in real-time as the graphical model is being developed or changed. Alternative concepts can be easily explored all while seeing the cost and other data update in real time. The design-estimate cycle time is often 10x shorter than traditional processes.


Knowledge Reuse

In DProfiler, you can develop a tailored “kit of parts” database that captures the rules of thumb your firm observes repeatedly. This will allow your firm to leverage your company historical data as an asset by anyone who has access to the program.


Reduction of Rework

Specialization in AEC has created silos that cause immense rework as activities are performed out of sync and by different parties. DProfiler enables more collaboration and reduces rework.


Engages All Stakeholders

Studies show that only a fraction of the human population can look at 2D and visualize in 3D. There may be even fewer people who can stay enthusiastically engaged while reviewing a detailed cost estimate and scope clarifications document.  With that said, it is crucial that all the major stakeholders can visualize the end product and understand exactly what is included in the budget. Project after project, DProfiler proves to be the perfect tool to bring different people together for a common goal.

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Working with DProfiler has been very easy and intuitive. Beck Technology has built a remarkable estimating and preconstruction tool that helps everyone involved in the preconstruction process better understand and communicate assumptions relating to the project ... more


Lars-Erik Larsen

Clark Builders